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Ke30- Rotor Or V6????


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hey guys ive got a ke30 2dr and I'm undecided on which engine conversion i should do... i can get my hands on a 13b turbo or a vn v6 supercharged for around the same money, i just want to no if any of you guys have done either conversion and how much problem did u have?...i no they both make good power just wanna no which will be easier.. cheers :P

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Do you want your car to be a well set up, well balanced powerful streeter/track car or a bohemath thats only any good for burnouts!? :hmm:


In my mind theres no discussion on the options,.....but hey, I've already been bitten by the rotor bug! :P

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^^^^^^^^ very true... but, if its a burnout/street car your going to be flogging the pants off it and things will break! I would go the commo motor mainly because there dime a dozen, you break it you get another one.


If your planning on driving this daily then the rotor is the way to go, no doubt about it.

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I don't know how many of the people have owned a v6 rolla that have commented, but i use mine as a daily driver and its not as bad as everybody makes out, Just upgrade springs and shocks in the front. Mine is also standard height with 13" standard tires, Its happy cornering at 110kmh on the highway and being in tassie all the roads are fun cornering. Prob better fuel economy than a rotor uses less fuel than my 20V rolla

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Ive been speakin to a guy on here with a v6 in a orange corolla and he swears by the v6 in his rolla, he reckons its the ducks nuts but i want some real power so looks like rotors the way to go...
9 mar

real power i'll out smoke you any day .... and tow a caravan at the same time ... ;) but yes i know rotor's pump cos my daily driver is series6 rx7 . i had the v6 and a blowner in my rolla 4 less then it cost me 2 insure my s6 and is a hell of alot more fun 2 drive ....

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Well I don't know if it will make any difference but we have just bolted the complete VS Commodore K-Frame, suspension and engine into a KE55 with little difficulty needed to move a couple of bolts but apart from that straight in.




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