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Introduce Yourself.


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Well, this is the first topic and easiest, just introduce your self,


Name: David

Location: Wellington

Car(s): 1977 KE30 Corolla, 1974 KE20 Corolla.

Occupation: Auto Electrical Student, Part-time Toyota Technician.


simple eh ?


- David

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Top Posters In This Topic

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name: Mark

from: Sth Auckland, New Zealand


'71 ke26 wagon, 4k k50

'75 ke25 SR 4age t50

'80 ke70 DX wagon 2tg t50

'83 ke70 SR coupe 3tgte w57

'85 ma61 celica-supra P-type 5mge w57

more on me website ToyCrazy.net

occupation: apprentice toolmaker (plastics injection)

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yeah we went but got there half hour after scrutineering so missed out on entering.. spent the morning at drury getting tyred up doh!

but tup and i went the weekend after to a GM drag meet with club-k.. tup ran a 14.2 in the 1jzgte gx71 cressida and i did a 14.5 with the 3tgte ke70 coupe. pity we couldnt have unleashed them on the hondahs :lolcry:




Yea man Aw11 with 20v had to get rid of it was just cluttering up driveway and i had no time for it You all coming to Toyota Vs Honda drags i hope !!!! :(
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i've heard of that place before, aussie island... thats where the poms dropped all their crims wasnt it?



-[yRe' date=Nov 16 2005, 08:14 PM' post='82915]

Hi, I'm matt.. i'm from Brisbane, that's on the northen end of the north west island :(

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I'm Brad, from Palmy, and have an 88 KE70 wagon and 83 KE70 sedan. In the process of building a hardtuned (well, as hard as you can do to!) 4K for the sedan, and am about to supercharge the wagon for a bit of fun :).


I can't believe you guys let Mr Revhead on here! :P

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