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Hey all my name's Tom. I just bought a ke55 on monday for $300 with no plates so i've gotta see what i need to do to get a pink slip or whatever, it runs pretty well though and i don't think it'll need too much done to it. I'm not all that great with cars but i'm learning so please forgive my stupidity at times =P I'll get some pics up of the car when it's light out.


P.S. I'm from Tarragindi

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hey all I'm jess, yes thats right a girl, is it that usual to see chick on here, i dunno lol, I'm 17 and my first car is my rolla, i live in bundy, home of the rum, but never seem to see anybody with done up rollas, so hopefully i will be the first.


anyways i have and 84 ke70, like a conary yellow, i hate it, i love green so am getting it painted new Holden green, and am getting my engine rebuilt and worked on at the moment, I'm excited, but sucks i couldn't put something else in it because of all the new laws.......


anyways thanks for ur time, cheers


P.S. was wondering if i could get a rollaclub sticker for my car

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Hey, welcome to the club. Your not the only girl but we don't have many. Your car sounds like it coming along nicely, post us up a pic if you like :P


As for stickers just send me a PM with which ones you want and how many and we'll take it from there.



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Ok so i got around to taking some pictures of my ke55 and a few of her problems, still working on a name for her.



Dent in the bonnet.



Dent in the rear end.





I put my mates cars plates on it so i could take it for a little drive to try and work out what the noise it's making is.

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Thanks man. The seats have a few little tears in them and the drivers seat is cloth, wouldn't mind finding one the same as the passenger seat to replace it with. I'm gonna take it into a mechanic tomorrow and see what i'll need to do to get it road worthy. I've got kind of a bad feeling that this noise in the clutch/gearbox is gonna end up costing me a bit... =(


P.S. It even came with a free rolla club sticker =D

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