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Hey all, My name's Benno. I'm a Mechanic of nearly 10years (mostly Toyota/Lexus) and I've just picked up my next xE7# project(I think I have a problem), I also have a stock ZZE122 as a daily.

My last two E7's have been seen on Teddy's Keto site and 'Red Gem' sent me a link to one of my old girls here, so I thought I'd join up to see what's going on


In the process of moving the new one from the workshop to my garage sometime this week(so I can work on it in my spare time)

For someone who knows first hand how well engineered toyota's are, I should know better but unfortunately I'm not much of a purist.

It's nothing more than a rolling shell KE70 slant nose minus front end panels right now and by the time I'm finished the body will be just about the only thing still Tojo. I'll be starting a Tech Log build up as soon as it makes it here. Stay tuned

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Hey Benno

Welcome to RC

Here's a link to our cruise this weekend



Would love to man, but I've got a patio slab to pour and a bucks night on saturday.

Realisticly, I probably won't get my new project on the road till early next year, that's too far away so I'll have to come along to a few cruises before that. I'll probably be in Mrbigports E7 if I go so keep an eye out for us

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hi guys my name is william


i have an ae92 seca white rolling on stocko's ATM

has a 4afc customm skull dial faces 2inch cannon exhaust with extractors

sony head unit 4inch kenwood fronts kenwood6x9 rears and a dub bass cannon for now


started doing some work to interior dash srouds are being painted green looks sweet will [post pics soon

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Hey people, my name's Chris I'm from the UK and I'm currently living in Brisbane. Just bought my car to last me whilst I'm here till February, a 1989 CSX hatchback. Came with some chrome wheels (will be selling methinks) and a full exhaust system.


Needs some work and I'll be needing all the help and advice that I can get cos I'm really a Ford person (but ssshhh) and Toyotas are new territory for me.


Hope to get to meet some of the local club members for a bit of banter soon :S


First piece of info I need...is there any breakers yards in Brisbane where you cna walk in with a tool box, find a car take some parts pay at he desk and walk out again?




oh and pics to come soon

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hey yáll. been on this for a few months and havent said hi to you all. Names Reed, I'm living up on the sunny coast in beerwah. Bought a beige ke70 about 6 months ago (my third one, sold my last one for beer money, was slant front auto anyway). It has all the original chrome and 13"jellies. Oh and a push start button...ha ha.


Currently tooling away on it in the garage whenever i have time, getting through the bits of rust and small shopping trolley dents, i've got a 5 speed to drop in it when i can find a spare pair of hands. Just bought brand new black carpet and interior bits and pieces, remaking the door cards myself. Got some brand spanker tail lights, shiny!


can't wait to get it legal and "rolling" so i can hook up with some of you's on a cruise. (Anyone know a friendly mechanic?) If not i can bring my *sigh* 89 Laser Giha hatch.


If anyones local and wants a hand on their cars let me know, I'm only learning as i go but i can crank a spanner as good as the next guy. And a second pair of skinned knuckles always helps.




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hey guys my names josh i live in wellington point. I work as a carpenter for a formwork company at the moment, having a ball in this heat.


On to my cars i have owned my first car was my yellow submarine ke70, best fun in the wet. Absolutely stock as they come, but still sh&t loads of fun. After that i bought an e36 323i bmw that surprisingly was probably the easiest car to keep sideways i have owned. A patrol decided he didnt like that car and t-boned me writing it off. :locked:

Then there was a 2001 B4 liberty, which not to many people know what they are so it was alot of fun to surprise people with. Had a few little things done like exhaust, cai, and chipped computer. Following that was proably my least favourite car an rb20 32gtst, just didn't like it.

Now we get to my favourite my 1990 32 GTR which i spent alot of time and money building. Had a full built motor with wiseco pistons, all new pumps, hoses, leads, reconditioned head. But still had stock cams and turbos so she made 350hp on 12psi. But she had to be sold to buy a house, hardest thing i have ever had to do.

And now i drive around an 06 navara str so if any one needs a tow give me a call.


So thats enough of my life story my project is a ke20 that i will more than likely put a ca18 into, that will be beginning as soon as i can get rid of my silvia. So if any one has any parts they want to get rid of i would love to hear about it.





heres a pic of my gtr(grey) but i will try find one of my ke20


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