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Hey guys, I've started this thread so new members have a place to introduce themselves. Saves them starting a new thread.


So please introduce yourself here, tell us where your from, show us pics of your cars ect.


Just copy and paste this...

[b]Member Name[/b] - 
[b]Area[/b] - 
[b]Daily Drive[/b] -


thanks guys,





Hey guys. Once introduced feel free to post in the Qld Census...


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hello all, i'm Andrew.

Live in Melbourne(Taylors Lakes)

I Drive a Ke30 4spd 4k, it's got a shitty canrry yellow paint job stands out like dogs u know what you can't miss it.

Currently a manager at mobil service station, looking to do some cruising where are all the melb people??? don't like oldskool corollas???:P.




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lOl. You've posted in the Qld area buddy. I was going to transfer your post into the Vic section but seems your already introduced.


Best of luck finding people to cruise with tho :P Melbourne is just a bit far for me right now. :P


BTW your stickers are packed and ready to be posted.

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My name is Brendan.

Live in Murrumba Downs, Between Petrie and Redcliffe.


I have an AE-71 Spirit.

Bought it from an older lady that lived 3 streets away from the local shops and thats where she drove it to. Had 86,000km in june '06 and now has 130,000.

The paint is in really good condition for a 25yr old car. Every second weekend I give it a good clean (clay and polish if need be) and wax comes up nice every time.


The interior is in really good condition, even pulled most trims put and got the eucaliptis oil on them and it came up like new. (stunk the car out for a week!)

Have a new sterio head-unit, front speakers and a dual subs in the boot. Has an autotecnica steering wheel and gearstick boot.


In terms of drive train the brakes are pretty much standard except for the slotted rotors on the front. Standard engine (4-AC), gearbox and diff.

Supprised at how well it has stuck together over the years and hopefully nothing major to come.

Had Carby rebuilt about two months ago and it over fuels to the point that I even get droplets of fuel out the exhaust. Got to get that fixed.


I am a 3rd year Apprentice Mechanic and I get to drive some really awesome cars, but for road feel through steering, acc, brake, clutch, and seat, these are just awesome cars. I love getting back into

it and driving home.


Other than that, not much to talk about.




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Hey guy's, Name is Gareth.

I'm 21 on 22 and now live with my fiance in woolloongabba.


I'm on my 2nd corolla due to my first one being written off not 2 months after buying it. It was a very sad time. BUT!... now I'm back in a rolla and all is sweet.


I have a white AE92 GTI hatch.

The only mods on it is the jet black tint, my choice of mags (came with chromies... not a fan), lowered, extractors with full exhaust 2 1/4 inch for a very nice note, shortened intake with pod. Also have 2 fixed back recaro bucket seats which really hold you in your place.


I have a 4AGZE in the shop being built as we speak.

-head deck n check

-port n polish

-2jz valves with stronger springs

-bock got acid dipped to make it like new

-bored out 20thou

-oversized forged pistons

-TRD metal head gasket


Will run a piggybeck computer and I'm running standard cams and boost for now, but i will upgrade those too in time. shouldnt be too long before it goes in. fingers crossed.


can't wait to cruize brizzie with all you other rollaclubers.









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