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Friday Night Munch Inn Gatherings


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If i go it'd have to be in becs lancer... and now shes keen to go bowling with her friends so i guess I'm doing that... *sigh*


ill try get her to change her mind. going to book the car into the mechanics on friday if i make enough money this week, but wont have it back till next week for sure.

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Its still a maybe.

I got the car last night. I had to take it back today as my central cocking remote wasn't working. They gave me a loner car while they worked on it. They stuck my 01 plates on the car even tho I told them on numerous occasions I wanted the 03 plates one. So now I have to go to QT and waste my time to swap them over.

So this arvo I thought it all was good until I got home and had to turn a tight corner. I think my CV joins are gone. So I'm taking it back again tomorrow and I'll argue that the roadworthy is false. So with luck I'll have it by Friday but don't know.


Here are the pics....





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No Subi Till Wednesday :wink:


I've booked a RACQ Mechanical Inspection for Friday. So if anything is found to be faulty and I'm sending it back again. :wink:


I'm quite annoyed but they feel they've done me a favour by having the Dint Doctor take the dints out of the side panels.

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