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Friday Night Munch Inn Gatherings


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i went and i saw ONE other ke there..............\

retry this week if you want a ride JiP i can accomodate


So i take it you'll be there again man? I was wonderin' could you do some flares on my ke for me but i'll talk to you about it if you're there tonite..





PS EVERYONE ELSE... Come on!! Get down to munchies in anything, borrow your grandmas freakin scooter, i want numbers not just cars, so we too can stand in a big group and talk bout rollas, up the commodore boys!!!

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sorry but my tyres were so stuffed on friday from thurs nights efforts (practicing for kalbar haha) and couldnt get any fitted till sat morning or i might have come doen for a look. this weekend all my monies and efforts will be going into kalbar so I'm out this weekend too.


maybe the one after if my better half doesnt get any better ideas for what to do for the night :dance:

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Ok i have been going to munch inn for awhile now and it has a slight lack of yotas i met one fellow ke70 owner last friday night and it led me to thinking how about we get a rolla club cruise happening to munch inn again this friday night any thoughts i wouldn't mind seeing afew more rollas out on a friday night anybody keen?

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ill try come out not this friday but the next never been there befor anyone got the adress?


thanks mitch



much inn is on the corner of elizabeth st and beaudesert rd in acacia ridge if you are heading from the south if you go past the cop shop you have gone to far from north if you go over train tracks you have gone to far, it is honestly a piece of pie to find.

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