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  1. allows for pinion angle as well as centring wheels in the arch
  2. camry rear arms are on car adjustable with a little work they fit inside ke70 arms making cheap on car adjustable arms... ive made both upper n lower as well as panhard rods.
  3. ive made on car adjustable arms .. its easy camry arns into cut.n.shut ke 70 arms
  4. cheers dave its ve commodore silver base with 5 coats of straight metal fleck and 5 coats of clear all 2 pac.. all done by me at work in 3 hrs..
  5. rear reset leaves ans add a leaf cost 240 front ae86 struts /coilovers wheels i.have personally run 15x9.5/ 15x10 with 225/45/15 all round anything is possible dash ke70 xx tacho dash fits and is an improvement also give you a proper glovebox mine has a full sedan dash with centre console fitted
  6. all mine.. at some stage this year..
  7. because ssr xr-4S longchamps 15x9.5 -14 225/45/15 v70a
  8. did someone say wheels.. i thought i heard flares mentioned too ;) ra60 tailshaft?
  9. i had 15 x8.5 -6 under mine with lightly rolled guards
  10. got you another pair of centres :-)
  11. these :-) 14x8 -11 ssr mesh 4x110 add 195/45/14 nankangs @ $100 ea
  12. location phone number ? waiting for pics...
  13. 18x12 -12 rays volk mesh I'm building other wheel is 18x9 +26..... lol
  14. no engineer will do a certificate to increase track... thats why everyone does wheel tubs to go large
  15. try weld on first if you ʞ©$ɟ it then bolt ons same amount of work to do bolt ons but more popo attention
  16. track is measurement from centre of wheel/tyre to centre of wheel /tyre. your allowed to increase track by 25mm max.. i run 100 mm increased track on my ke70 and have had no issues from the popo .if your wheels poke they will rape you.
  17. weld ke70 front arch to rear then ...25 mm bigger flare straight up.if its that rusty fix it properly and get rid of the rust.
  18. you can hand flare stock guards 25mm easy as less drama more clearance cheaper...
  19. 15x7 @ 0 Simmons to 15x10 @0 New 5 inch inners and outers coming to an xc falcon coupe near you.
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