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Parrot's Sprinter & Levin Shed


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I reasoned that if I actually write down what I am doing, it will encourage me to keep at it! Have also put a heater in the shed as am planning a busy winter out there.


Fixing the garage door was a big job, having to take these bloody great doors off and remove 1 1/2 cms of the bottom. Bit embarrassing if the car is finished and I can't get it out!





Had my son up the wobbly ladder inserting bolts whilst I held the door to stop it falling on the KE15. Oh, I mean so it didn't fall on him.




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Glad to hear that you can finally open the doors again!! I know its not something a gas axe & a big hammer wouldnt fix but having such an awesome piece of machinery locked away inaccessible would've been a tragedy! :sob:


I'm impressed at all the extra effort you've gone to with some of the smaller details, it'll make the final product look that much better!

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Realistically I want to get it out and going, really hanging out to drive it again.......


Mechanically it is going to be better than new. The body is totally rust free, but after being in the shed all this time, with things going on around it, it has the odd small bump. The paint isn't bad, and a reasonable area was resprayed years ago after some rust removal and a repair not long before it was laid up. But some other areas could possibly benefit from a respray.


I'm not really that fussed so will likely learn how to use the buff and see how it comes up. Things like some marks where pinstripes have been removed, well at some stage I may try to blend them in. Was never meant to be a show car however.


The KE15, and later the TE27 copy will certainly have a full respray, but as to whether that is done professionally or not, I'm not sure.

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excellent progress pete. can't wait to see this moving under it's own power. all you'll need is a mullet wig and it'll be just tike that day you first got the car. :laff:


and if you're wondering, yes i do have a copy of that photo.

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Yes, my thinking too. These ones are the true throughbreds, especially in SL, levin and levin spec respectively.


The only other one I would think about (if I had room and the wife wouldn't kill me) would be the TE71GT fusion has now.


Fuel injected 2TG in one of those would be good.


I notice Al Palmer has his TE27 Trueno on ebay at $20,000!

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So back in after a few hours in the shed. Had a hell of a time getting the sunroof out. Needed to do this so that I could fit the replacement inside sunroof panel I had searched for years to find, after chucking my old dodgy one out.


Years back I lashed out on a new genuine sunroof to replace the badly rusted one. Rest of the car was good, sunroof was scrap. I clearly did a good job getting it back in at the time, cause it was hell getting it out again. Whatever sealant I used wasn't letting go. Was convinced I had missed a bolt somewhere, but no it was just sealant. Anyway, noticed a few small areas of rust on the inside lip of the sunroof hole so shall sort them out before reinstalling the panel.


One thing though, I found the original inside roof panel slid back into the roof cavity.......:bash:


Hadn't thrown it out at all.

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  • 5 months later...

Some brand spanking new acquisitions arrived today.







Some slow progress touching some light rust issues on the AE86 to stop them becoming problematic later on. Not happy with the colour match on the rattle can, so have some colour matched paint I will have a go at in a couple of weeks when I have a week off.


Have had the 15 running to move it around a little as I reconfigure my storage and chuck out a pile of old junk. Only way to move it as a caliper is binding. Now have some room to move.


Coming up to the final stretch for the 86. I hope!

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Have had the occasional opportunity to work on the AE86 over the school hols. Finishing various little things, greasing balljoints, fitting some TRD engine mounts, checking that things are tight, cleaned and installed a GT fuel tank and so on.


Have also picked up a nice big compressor so going to have a go at spraying my sunroof panel which had some light scratches, and a guard. Have been trying to remove the side protection strips with only moderate success. Has proved impossible to remove all the glue despite heatguns, acetone and so on. It is looking like I may have to hit them with some wet and dry or a light scourer, then possibly a light spray. Could end up OK or ordinary, but we shall see. Will probably end up spraying the other guard too. Worse thing about the compressor has been trying to find a replacement air filter. This has proved insurmountable, so am going to construct something.


Best of all, I have connected a battery and it hasn't caught fire. And everything works except strangely the drivers side parker which will require a bit more investigation. The behind grille foglights look great! Also the fuel pump isn't getting any power on the key, but fuel does circulate if I bridge the fuel pump check connector, so some digging to do there before firing it up. I recall having to run a wire somewhere or other into the junction box

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So, for the first time in a (very) long time, it runs!


Installing the distributor was slightly confusing, as with the wade blanks, the cam dowels are basically opposite where they are meant to be on a factory cam. But trusted in the old finger down the spark plug hole, and it was correct.


So now for some tuning and adjustment of accelerator cables and so on, drop it on it's wheels, and get it out of the shed to install the drivers door straps. Can't open the door far enough at the moment. Some small sorting of the electric mirror loom, as the mirror loom to body loom plugs are different.


The fuel pump was fine. With the adapted loom I had previously, the fuel pump would come on with the key prior to cranking, whereas with the factory body looms, it doesn't actually power up until cranking commences.


Some painting as above, clean up the Intra alloys, get some tyres fitted, and send my club reg forms into silverra23!

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So my last post was a trifle premature, as it didn't run.........


As it was so late at night, I let it fire then turned off. Turns out it was only running on the cold start injector and the injectors had no power. When I went to start properly, no joy. So traced it through the diagnostic charts to discover there was battery voltage at the fail safe pin of the ECU when it is supposed to be less than 1 volt. Thus no current would pass through the wire which on ignition is meant to trigger engine relay 2 thus supplying power to the injectors. Going through the charts eventually led to the "try another ECU".


The other ECU I had also proved the same. Strange. Anyway, on to ToyotaDIY and I discover that both ECU's I have are meant for an AE82 FX GT. The ECU certainly worked when I had an adapted loom. Whether using a full Jap loom somehow is relevant here, I am not quite sure, but anyway. So on to good old importmonster, and located some AE86 ECU's. Available quite cheaply there especially if you combine items into one parcel, so bought one of each generation ECU just in case (2 ECU's)


They arrived Friday, stuck it in the car late Saturday night, turned key to ignition, and engine relay 2 clicked! Turn to start and away she went. There was a bit of screaming going on - very happy.


Now it actually runs, it is like something has changed. Finally the car is about to be finished. Walking around AOMC car show today talking to people asking me that perennial, "when's it going to be finished", I know it is close. Having so comprehensively overhauled the car, I suppose in the back of your mind there is always that small doubt that you may have screwed something up.


I realise most people are keen for it to be finished so I can get on to the other projects, rather than particular interest in AE86's!


The engine has remained still so long that the fan belt is permanently set into a triangle shape with predictable results. It was a bit tight anyway, as I have modified the thermostat housing to use an AE82 thermoswitch to trigger the electric fan via relays, which has restricted the range of the alternator adjustability. So I need a 5pk830 or 835 which of course useless Repco don't stock anywhere in Australia. Shall try again elsewhere tomorrow when I pick up my NOS genuine front bumper for the KE15 from importmonster. Then I can do the painting, and hope there are no hidden issues I am yet to discover.


Have one other interesting development I discovered when looking on Yahoo for factory ECU's. More about that later........

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