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The Cruise Thread


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OK if we do a Toowoomba cruise it will have to be after AJD, well it doesnt have to be but if I do any organising of it thats the plan.


All you T-Barians throw some input in. If you want us Brisbanites to show up we will have to take travel time and such into account.


I'm coming from Beerwah so I will leave at 4am if I have to. Others may not be as keen as me.


Most cruises start early but if we made a slightly later start and a shorter cruise?


Or you guys can organise times and you'll know at least I'll be there.


I do not know any roads so will need help with that.


I'm throwing out the chum, you guys take the bait and I'll reel it in and try and land this idea.


AJD is the 19th so I'm thinking the 4th or 11th.



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Members dont see this ad

No, wont happen till after All Jap Day. Still not confirmed, was testing the waters to garnish interest. So far no one from Toowoomba has had any input/interest.

:hmm: I might be the only t-bar member that knows about the cruise thead.


The Hampton-Esk Road (Redbank road, Esk) has some good twisty sections and its not usually populated, but you might come across a grey nomad or a backpacker in a van.


Maybe make Picnic Point in Toowoomba the halfway point.

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