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The Cruise Thread


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I'm keen.

I would like to confirm a route/destination and make sure others are attending before I make the hour + journey to the starting line. 7am is fine. 7:30/8 would be better. If nowhere in particular is planned yet I can definitely find somewhere curly to burn up.

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@GJM85 Nothing is set in concrete yet - Rian suggested a North coast run and I thought "What a bloody good idea".

Rian wanted somewhere to meet up and I suggested the Hamilton Hotel, general idea from there is to drive up to the north coast, stop at a maroochy beach to catch up, normal north coast run stuff from there - go by Noosa, up to Caloundra and find somewhere for lunch. When we got together I was going to suggest taking the curly back roads south and going to the Beerwah pub for lunch, I'm sure I read in these forums somewhere that they cook bits of dead animal well. If you have alternative suggestions that's good, we can reach a general consensus when we meet up. As I said to Rian in a pm, I'm going for a coast run tomorrow, if it's with a rollaclub cruise great, if not I'll drop in and see some friends, so I'm going for sure.

Final time set for meeting up - 7.00 to 7.30am. OK with everyone?

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Only got to give the corolla half a detail this afternoon, decided to shave most of the hatch before fitting the glass. The inside's been vacuumed and the outside's been rubbed with a wet cloth and hosed down. Should be good enough for a few hours travelling tomorrow.

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@ B.L.Z.BUB If you pm me your texting machine's number I can let you know when we are 1/2 hour south of Beerwah heading north and 1/2 hour north of Beerwah heading south(Beerwah is where you'll be ?)

What's the 'new' car ?

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New car is a secret until a deposit has been paid and its 90% mine. Been burned too many times to get excited.


0410423145 I'm gonna try to view this car in the morning in Mooloolaba so let me know where you guys are and we'll work it out

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I left home at 5:30 picked my bro up at 6is and headed out to Hamilton. We hung around the hotel till about 7:15. Figured no ones coming because no one ever does.

Headed up to Morayfield BP for fuel and chow. Then continued up the Bruce and onto the Sunshine Mwy. Detoured pass the airport and onto the coastal road David Low Way for the rest of the journey up to Noosa headland.

Took a 1 & 1/2 hr bush walk out to Hell's Gates which looked like this...




From there we headed back to Caloundra via Maroochydore and Mooloolaba and stopped at Kings Beach for some fish and chips. Then it was back onto the motorway for the long as drive home. Back in Beaudesert at 3.

The rolla got heaps of attention and is a real joy to drive. I had a great day out but I think there's about 199km of highway driving too much. Became very draining very quickly.

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I was out the front of the Hamilton Hotel from 7.00 - 7.30am parked at an angle with the hatch up trying to be as obvious as possible, where were you parked?

I had a good day, not much traffic both ways and no mobile speed cameras...

Played tag with a mate in his worked '87 lolux along some windy back roads, the old 4afc with 340+k on it is getting a bit tired so am looking for a 7afe bottom end for it now!

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