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The Cruise Thread


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Oh... my.... gord....



You will be having an eye opener of an experience

Make sure your armed to the teeth

Always wear a bulletproof vest and helmet


And never, never make eye contact with any of the locals.


bahaha Rob, coming from the town that host the flower festival, haha


Is that pie shop still before the bottom of the hill on the way up?

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Harry's Diner, Sprinwood Maccas, and Yatala on Thursday nights there are a few,


Munchies, Kawana and Logan loop on Friday nights,


We are out there, just in different capacities, you missed 4 on the cruise on sunday


Otherwise, go to the drags this weekend, street car shootout

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Hey fellas had a quick flick through of the thread thought I'd put my 2c in. Have any of you heard Mount Neebo its about a 30-40min drive from the CBD. Its a excellent drive can't recommend it enough at the top there is a large carpark/lookout fit 50ish cars I reckon. Has little to no traffic at night. Get a great view of the City and the Gap.........Would be really good for a Friday/Saturday nighter. Done it about 10 times with mates and enjoyed it everytime.

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