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Herbert The Panel Van


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Finnaly got matching rims.




I'll be striping the paint off them soon then getting to work polishing and repainting the centres.

Also helped my dad clean out the shed found gauges from the 70's great find. Also front the trumpets for sidedrafts.

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sedan light mounts are different to panelvan light mounts too. you'll have to drill a couple holes to make them fit other than that its a direct swap over.

t18 guards don't fit unless you cut them where they go at the door.


get the centre from an adm ae86 (which is S Series the same as the panelvans) unless your diff has been swapped to a wagon diff in its lifetime. quite easy to see, borg warners have a removable backing plate and S series diffs don't.


but you can get a wagon diff and put it in, but you will need to swap tailshafts. Ke70 sedan tailshaft will fit. Wagon one WILL NOT as they are a touch longer than sedans. Sedans with S series centres are f@$k off hard to find i wouldnt even bother.

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It is in fact it needs a wheel aliment every things out alittle bit


Haha that's pretty funny considering this always used to be parked at Tyrepower in blackwood....


A bit of googling reveals the condition this vehicle was in before the previous owner to you got to it

post-7149-019213500 1298972354_thumb.jpg


post-7149-091859500 1298972370_thumb.jpg

Thing was near overrated!! Some people deserve to be tied up and shot!


How old is that photo though? Last I saw it in that condition, a bloke at my school used to drive it and that was nearly 15 years ago.


okay the guy said its locked but its probely welded. its winey and leaking and has lots of play in the left axel and theres abit of oil getting in to the brakes


Locked diff = welded diff.


Good to see this thing has moved on.... Keep the twin carbies though, get them tuned correctly and you'll get decent mileage. My twin sidedraft 5K regularly nets me 9.5L/100km

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Hey mate, heres where the photos were from.. not very long ago really! Pity you didn't get to it when it was like because it looks like your going to do this car a huge favour. Look forward to more progress...




A very similar thing happened to my wagon before I got it. Was overrated, then all it takes is one person and its an absolute sh!tter... Still a decent base for a project, you should be able to get it looking good again, Good luck!




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So a wagon diff will fit if I put a sedan drive shaft in?


Philbey- yes he works there but his excuse was " why would I do a wheel aliment with a car I'm only going to own for a couple more days " I think that's deffiently the wrong attitude when/after selling a car. Twin carbs- with the new P plate laws it's illegal to have them, if I fit a single one I'll be able to kinda hide it under a stock air filter I think. There's also a problem that only one of my solexs is in working condition with all the parts. My other one has lost a Ventura and is going to be impossible to find a new one.


Oh-ke- thanks for that think was so overrated before, also gives a bit of a inside to what was done before the last owner got it


Thanks guys chris

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Ah my old pano. Was obviously in much better nick when I last saw it :P


Here's a quick history lesson..



Looked like this



Put this in it as well as the locked centre from an ae86.



Was a fun car :) Sold it and then this happened



Class dismissed, sorry to hijack.

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not many updates. things are at the point where i need to get it in the shed and get the car hoist installed in the shed. all that was done this weekend, i finished the dash, figured out my stereo set up and ran most the wires( having trouble figuring out how to wire the head unit so it works wiht out the ignitation having to be on), mounted my air horns( yet to wire them up). not a car update but a working area update. my dad just bought a car hoist so have been helping clean up and sort the shed out can't wait for that to be up make things easy and ill be able to get a move on with bigger project on my pano

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Yea it's a 4 tonne 2 post hoist


Umm it's high enough that's all I know haha


Quick little update. Re wired the stereo, ran all the wires for speakers and the amp yesterday. Havnt really done much lately waiting to get it in the shed on the hoist. Can't really do that much out the front of the house on gravel haha

Thanks chris

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havnt been on in ages havnt really had any update till now. its finally in the shed up on the hoist. i can finally start getting progress on my car so happy. heres some pics 89a50604.jpg



shocks and sway bar are out, drained the oil will be removing the rest. noticed that the guy before me put a shit load of silicon around the diff to try stopping it from leaking. there was also alot of metal shavings on the drainage plug so its deffienlty shagged.


hopefully alot more updates will becoming and alot quicker to



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