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Herbert The Panel Van


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Hey guys, my names Chris Smith. I am 16 and this is my panel van. its a litte rough around the edges, well lot. theres alot of problems with it, like the diff is gone. they guy says it has a locker in it but i have a feeling its been welded. its got the 4k in it with a 5 speed. ummm I'm not to good with words so i think ill let the pictures do the talking.



  • to fix up all the body work
  • repaint either baby blue, peppermint green or skye blue
  • fix up the inside of it
  • fix all the little problems with the engine

  • fix the diff

  • repaint rims

  • and just what ever else that needs to be done


I'm still trying to find another pair of these if any one can help out in adelaide IMG_0248.jpg

going to get rid of the twin side drafts and run a single one due to i see this as being over kill and is putting way to much petrol thought the little motor and also due to the fact that carbie number 2 the guts of it has fallen out.IMG_0291.jpg


I have just bought a full set of interior for 120 bucks not bad dash isnt cracked or any thing its blue so I'm changing from brown to blue. ill be updating tomorrow if all goes well plenty of pictures to come


thanks for tuning in


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Bit of progress today thanks school for the day off haha well I got my new dash, carpet, seats in today such a improve ment. Having some problems with te centre console though. This isn't going to be perment, later on down the track I'm hoping to put a custom dash and cente console and some nice racing seats. This is what it looks like at the moment



Was brown now blue


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Brilliant job, the blue looks perfect :y: There should be one or two

metal brackets which bolt into the trans tunnel that are to secure the

lower console and gear shift surround. Possibly as you can see, there

are cut outs in the blue carpet and what you can do is get those brackets from

the parts car and mount them in and it should be fine.


Still, nice progress being made and keep it up.

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Looks awesome mate, nice base for a project, should have it on the road by the time you get your Ps :yes:

You'll have fun looking for a manifold, they're expensive.

Fan hooked up to a switch? Or a thermostat?

Is that a spinny fan thing on the roof? :hmm:

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"The overrated KE70" its out of a ae71 sedan and i grabbed all the brackets but ther seems to be a huge gap and the brackets don't seem to line up that well so I'm kinda confused at the moment.



bAKER, its proving to be a hard task. I'm thinking about trying to make one but even that is going to be a extreme task, so i don't know what I'm going to do about that yet. no matter what happens I'm going to have to hide every thing under a air filter(stock type) to make it look stock. the fan is hooked up to a switch but I'm going to re wire it so that its on to the thermostat. it is a spinny fan thing i don't know weather to keep it or not hmmmmm :hmm:

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A bit of googling reveals the condition this vehicle was in before the previous owner to you got to it


post-7149-019213500 1298972354_thumb.jpg


post-7149-091859500 1298972370_thumb.jpg


Thing was near overrated!! Some people deserve to be tied up and shot!


Hope you can restore this vehicle to its former glory mate. You're already doing a fantastic job

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thanks for doing that it use to be so overrated :( do you know how long ago those pictures where taken?


thought i might upload some more pictures of it.




bit of panel damage to the left hand well quite a bit, are they the same from sedan to the panel van?

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