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things have been slow lately. been working to much but that brings in money for parts so.. should be betting my carbs rebuilt in to one good one hopefully this week maybe next week. should have new extractors and a single side draft inlet manifold in no later then 2 weeks. still looking for a new diff if any one can help out I'm looking for the stock diff or a ke70 wagon diff or a t series diff. only updates really are been making a back board for behind the seats to mount speakers on.

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okay I'm getting really desperate for a diff now. please any one wiht a s series or a t series diff please inbox me or send me a message on 0430 747 838. any thing will be a good start I'm so desprate ill even buy from any where in Australia.

SLO-I'm not to sure haha explain to me about this?

also going to be starting to do the body work in the school holidays hopefully get most of that done. my dad has given me a dead line to get it running and moving i have two weeks so i also need in stock inlet manifold if any one can help out cheers guys please help a fellow rolla buddy out

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okay bit of an update

been working on the front quarter panel trying to get that straight. coming up pretty well, dents coming out pretty well. I'm trying to get it as straight as i can with out much body filler.

couple of pics bit hard to show the dents and what not but better then nothing.


theres two biggish dents on the flares. a long channel kinda dent off to the right of the guard and all the fronts messed up



both popped out like this, just need a little bit of filler to get it smooth


how it looks at the moment

more updates later cheers guys

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thought i would drag this off my ae86dc thread.bit of a update some parts have arrived. i have now got a new diff center pretty happy with it not bad for 50 bucks, theres abit of play in it but will fix that before it goes in. also got new manifold its only the stock one but picking up a 32/32 weber hopefully this week with adopter plate. also been checking out the body work done by the previous owner. in patches its up to almost 1cm thick whats going to be fun. also have almost finished my front left quarter panel.


new parts


left rear quarter is badly caved in with alot of bog


driver door lots of bog in that to


thickest part of bog 1 cm thick

going to be great fun sanding all that bog out and fixing it properly

thanks guys more up dates really soon.also wiht a new up date fixed my brakes up today grinded the edges with the dremel. they now sit flush and aren't as hacked. hopefully replace them later on. also started putting the diff back together. all fitting okay so far. should have this thing running in the next couple of weeks. also looking for a new sump if any one can help out with it. should have up some more updates pretty soon.

cheers guys

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finally had a night off from work or a night where i didnt have some thing on. pulled the diff back out to get ready to give it a good clean out, and then assemble it. once assembled ill be painting it probelly a really dark grey. also does any one know where the get the brake like that connects from the hard line to the diff (see picture below) it would be nice it it was a braided brake line.1a3d2dbf.jpg

also got some questions about powdercoating. is it going to be cheaper to taking in a heap of parts and get them all done at once or is it going to cost about the same to take in some one day then the rest another? whats the colour selection like? and whats it like price wise? cheers guys I'm hoping to have a bunch of parts in by half way though next month to get things rolling quick

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thickest part of bog 1 cm thick

going to be great fun sanding all that bog out and fixing it properly


Bro, buy a new door. 20 bucks, save the hassle. Ive got a 5cm rust hole underneath the chrome strip on my front door.

So lazy I'm gonna buy a new one. :laff:

But pissing around with 1cm of bog, the doors not worth the trouble, how bad will it be underneath?

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