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  1. Rians Ke70

  2. Name Change Requests

    I wouldn't joke about such an awesome username
  3. Name Change Requests

    Can I get mine changed to Grand Master of Awesome. Please and thank you!
  4. Rians Ke70

    Yeah you should
  5. Rians Ke70

    Looking good Rian! Rad to see you're out driving it now Let me know if you're down at some point i wanna perv it!
  6. Sold

    Can you post a side on picture, of the bead area? thanks
  7. Ke70 Panno Chrome Bumpers On Ae71

    Rears should fit? Worst case you'll need to mod brackets front won't fit unless you have a flat front, or it'll fit and look dumb.
  8. 4Age Conversion

    Sold gearbox so take like $400 off the price of kit may seperate pedal box if someone offers me something not shit,
  9. Qld Mod Plates

    Rian i have a mod plate you can have ;)
  10. 4Age Conversion

    Last bit left of my Ke70 part out unless anyone wants a free rusty shell? haha Full hydraulic conversion for KE70 to suit 4age conversion T50 Gearbox good condition no crunches etc with short shifter and newish throwout bearing and gearbox crossmember AE71 Pedal Box with clutch master and lines to suit, including Samq Braided line to brand new slave Blacktop 20v 212mm flywheel and exedy heavy duty cushion button clutch to suit, roughly 12 months old, didn't slip in my car. New flywheel bolts AE86 Tailshaft $1100 Located near Byron Bay NSW 0431 811 500 Jacob
  11. Rians Ke70

    Gimmie a yell I'm down :) Ill drive the sprinter over
  12. White Car

    I need to come get that seat! haha
  13. Rians Ke70

  14. Ae86 Coilover Bolt In Package, Set Of 13X7S

    Coilovers sold. Buy wheels dare ya
  15. Ae86 Coilover Bolt In Package, Set Of 13X7S

    Haha was going to get another ke but then s14 popped up so want monay for that. Don't know what you mean Rian hahaha