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R31 Diff Into Ke70

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My 4agte Ke70 recently blew up its 2nd standard diff. So i decided to do a conversion


I Recently completed my diff conversion in my ke70. R31 skyline lsd disc brake diff. After much research i found that everyone was either taking both diffs to an engineering shop to get the mounts changed over, or making up a jig. Both options are quite expensive/time consuming. Being low on cash i did the conversion a cheaper way and wanted to tell others- (this is the reason for this post).


I first marked a centre line on both diffs (went between the upper trailing arms on the ke, and between the sway bar mounts on the r31 to work it out). Then marked a reference line along the diff (to get the right angle). Then took measurements for the upper trailing arms on the ke. Cut the mounts off the r31 (except the sway bar mounts, coz i will be using the r31 sway bar, as the ke one wont fit). Then welded the ke upper trailing arm mounts onto the r31 using the measurements. These were the only two mounts i measured.


For the rest of the mounts to line up, i put the diff back in the car and bolted it in with the two welded mounts. Then i put the spring seat on the diff with the spring on top, then lowered the floor jack until the spring found its place. For the lower trailing arm mounts i bolted them onto the arms of the car, then bolt the shocks on as well. The mount should now find its place. So i am actually using the car as the jig! Same deal for the panhard rod- but drop the car off the jack so the ride hight is correct. Then check that the diff is centered (this also eliminates the need for an adjustable rod). When all looks good tack weld everything. Then remove from car and do fin al weld.


The hand brake cables from the ke were used by cutting the retainer thing off (it flares out to hold the cable secure). Slide it through the r31 cable holder and weld the end of the cable to the lever (see photo). I then cut another slot for the return spring to sit in.


The driveshaft was then too long- so it had to be shortened (i did this myself) but will pay someone to balnce it. (place at brendale quoted $245 to shorten and balance). But the diff pinion flange from your ke can be swapped over to the r31 because they are both borgwarners (saves drilling new holes).


Eveything worked out well. I took the centre to a diff shop and paid $250 to get the lsd shimmed up. The wheels just fit under the rolled guards with 215/40/16 tires (without shortening the diff either)

The 4agte wont be able to break this one.


cost for conversion:


r31 diff $200

reshimm lsd centre $250 (its really tight now)

heatproof paint for calipers/ diff $20

lsd diff oil $25

will have to get the tailshaft balanced when i get round to it- don't no the cost of that yet???


TOTAL : $495!!! cheap as...

hours worked on it: prob about 5-6 solid days work (big job)



Next job is to take out the weak t50 gearbox and replace with w series. anyone know if this can be done without buying an aftermarket 4a to w bellhousing???? ($695 on ebay)

maybe by modifying another bell housing????



Any comments or questions are welcome


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A Wagon has leaf springs. 

So rather than adapting the spring perches for the ke70 you would need to adapt the leaf springs, which might actually be easier as don't leaf springs just get held on with big u-bolts?


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