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Important: Scammer


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This is a warning to the Rollaclub community and the wider Toyota community.


Last November a person started advertising on ebay and not honouring sales. This spread to a number of Toyota related forums. Mainly here and AE86DC.


This person has gone by the name of Rollamanke70 and mkxy351gtho on ebay.


Rollaclub names of DRFTR, rollaslider87, dirttracker and Ritto64.


He has used the names Mickey Scuteri, Nic, Domenic, and to be honest, recently any other that seemed to come it his/her/its head.


His emails are usually gmail addresses or non isp addresses.


As vigilant as we are, we can't always immediately block any new accounts (for various reasons.)


It requires the community to be vigilant as well.


This individual has a propensity for selling KE70/ AE71 parts, especially AE pedal boxes and low mileage KE70's.


Any suspicion of this individual on the board, please hit the report post button to make the mod and admin team aware.






Rollaclub Moderators and Administrators

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Members dont see this ad

Has anybody notified ebay about this with the ke70 add on there at the moment?


Item # 170778399438


Just tell everyone to report it and see what happens.


But if your stupid enough to bid without looking and then do as he says at the bottom of the listing and pay in full with paypal, well...


Also looks as if he has turned the caps lock off.

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