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Install A Rear Louvre On The Cheap.


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Some people have been having trouble finding the Aunger mounting kits for the rear louvres.

(insert flood of replies about where to get them)


This is a cheap (my kind of) way of mounting them


List of what you'll need:


Some sheet steel offcuts, I used 0.55 gauge zincalume, about 200mm by 200mm ish.

A pop rivet gun

Tin snips

Rivets (about 10mm should do)




First, cut out some tabs of steel, these were approx 35x35mm

One side round the edges, this will help with installing them.




Youll notice the louvre has a raised edge.




You need to bend the tabs into a Z shape with the rounded edge protruding about 15mm




Now I used the stock holes to attach these so I made some washers out of soft plastic, all I had, you could use proper washers.





I attached 6 in total, that should be plenty, you could do ones for every mount point if you want.




Next you need to make a little tool, about 40mm wide with a bend on the end, the short bent side needs to be rounded like the tabs you made.




This you slip under the window rubber, then push the tabs under the rubber, pull the tool out and its in there. The one in the picture was too big but you get the idea.





The louvre is pretty flexible so just work your way around slipping the tabs under the rubber.





Disclaimer, I installed mine just to make this thread, it took me about 30 minutes, so its a bit rough. Paint the tabs and you'll never see them.

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Then your louvre is stuck to the window, this way you can pull it off to clean your rear window in 2 seconds and reinstall it in under a minute.


Plus there is no flat surface to mount the tape to, there is a thin raised edge around the whole edge. I suppose you could put a few layers of tape and raise it.


No matter, this is one way, eliminates sticking plastic clips to the glass.

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