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How Not To Build A Rally Car


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With the best of our motor mounts, the motor & box went back in, and we fitted a full-sized battery (+) lead as earth to fix any wiring earth problems. I replaced the old exhaust manifold gasket and did the manifold up before fitting the pipe, which is where problems usually arise and that explained why the last one leaked.


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We'd been getting visitors every day, you can't do things like this on a farm without everyone knowing, and Nell would come up with tea and bikkies for us starving youngsters. I saw an open sack of spuds in the back of her ute and asked if she was going to plant them A couple of days later she announced she was going to start a vege garden, I'd been chatting about how good mine was, so I went to see how a lady in her 70s or 80s digs a garden...


I suppose I should've known!


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To get more rear brakes to throw the tail out we fitted larger rear slave cylinders from an RA65 Celica. These leaked of course, so we bought new ones, amazingly enough off the shelf in Tamworth.


Typical of the whole project, it took me an hour to fit the brake line into one slave cyl, it didn't want to catch the first thread and I was very careful not to cross-thread it. After an hour on the other side I gave up and went home, rather than force it and fck it. I could fit the new slave cyl in my hand to another brake pipe, and fit the old slave cyl to the old brake line on the diff, but I couldn't get the new slave cyl to go on the old line!


The next morning I spent another hour checking it before finding that someone in the past had done the slave line junction fitting up so tight that it splayed the end of the fitting out over the cone in the slave cyl. This meant the actual threaded fitting was too large in diameter to fit inside the new slave cyl by an immeasurable tiny amount... We whipped the diff brake line off the spares car and fixed it, but another morning wasted.


The brake and clutch pedal I lowered to give him legroom by cutting the shafts to the master cylinders shorter. With the larger rear slave cyls this would have had the pedal hitting the floor, so we scavenged a larger RA65 master cyl to pump more fluid. This didn't fit on the old booster (4 bolts instead of 2) so we had to clamp it on. Once organised and bled correctly the brakes came up fine, better than they'd ever been.


Then I had to rip out the whole disaster of the throttle pedal with its short travel and re-route the 2M of over-long cable that I cut off and re-organised. We welded a new pivot point on the throttle pedal to give him more throw and I made sure that full throttle was on the floor. Then I fitted a stop to make it sit where the cables were at idle.


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