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How Not To Build A Rally Car


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OK, update time, back in Orange with a cable to d'load photos!


Well, it came off the Nabiac Rallysprint with a dent in the rear side and one week to the Bago rally. I was into the Woolshed with it left on the trailer as a nice workbench, and Steve was back at Uni. Things didn't look good when I stripped it-



A little surgery with my favourite tool-



Made life much easier...



When Steve popped back we grabbed the usual fence picket to attack the C pillar



We welded the cutout back in and I hit it with a touch of bog then an aerosol can or two- good enough!


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I'd taken the time to floss the bonnet up a bit-



and make a new dashmat too!



and so we headed to Bago. Things ran fine until stage 5, when a throttle return spring broke and they stopped in the stage to fix it. They'd turned in a 12th, a 14th, a 4th and a 5th before that, and after refuel the same stages were run again. At the spectator point he looked like this-



You can see them all at www.nashyspix.com/‎


Then there came a Y-junction where the flat-out 3rd gear left hander crested and went downhill, so the car lifted off and it clouted the bank before rolling headfirst into a tree!



We got it out of there with the great help of the road closure crew as the steering was broken, the wheel jammed against the body and an axle so bent it jammed. They used their 4WD to haul it up the trailer ramps behind the Slowdeo.



..and the final insult was a flat on the Slowdeo itself!


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We hauled it home and argued over the three hour journey about what to do- repair it, swap the gear into the spare (really nice!) RA40, use the rusty RA23 in the shed or start the conversion to a KE70 early.


The chassis was bad-



...very bad...



In the end the KE70 idea won out so we stripped The Big Girl that afternoon. Josh shotgunned the cage for a khancross car he's building, but we only had a dished masonry backing disc on the grinder.. that wouldn't fit the flat cutoff wheels very well, so we made a spacer out of the only masonry disc.



Then he was into it as we had already taken absolutely everything out of it-



and by nightime it was done (and so were we!)


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Early the next morning we towed the shell around the back to her final resting place beside Steves Dad's first rally car... I expect they will be sitting there in 30years!




..and we hauled the purple KE70 into the Woolshed! A tree fell on that, so it will need the roof off the green one....



As they say for the King- "The rally car is dead, long live the rally car!"

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As an aside, we have a handful of Celcia parts for sale, a whole RA40 in really good condition (much too nice to ruin) and several 18RG engines that we will be testing in Grumpy so you can drive them before you buy!


I'm very happy that everything we built in that car worked, the suspension, the welding Steve learnt how to do at TAFE, the wiring, the bodywork and things like the petrol tank and fuel system. They never failed and it had two solid crashes.


Here's a vid we made ages ago for shits 'n giggles... I loved having a 1920's light switch for ignition and a cigarette lighter for starting. We hadn't started it for months it fired up on the second push.


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so everyone was OK?

I am glad the cage help up well, I remember there being some conjecture earlier in the thread about its strength. (unless I am dreaming)


Yay to KE70 rally car.

is it new thread time or shall you still be building it all wrong? :P


I do love this thread, great work guys, sorry to see it come to an end such as that, but thats racing!


Cheers, Andy

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Hey mate. just thought I'd say G'day. I pulled out the front with my ke36 on the back of the truck. Will keep in contact and share some pictures and stuff down the track. was really cool meeting you and your friend girl. Faulty Towers must be your favourite show, LOL.


Take it easy,

Paul :wave:

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