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The Noddy Mobile


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LOL, mate. and they are probably only 2/3rds of them... some i felt werent worthy of a thread...

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haha true mate.

and also there is Dave's R33 Skyline that i havent done a thread on lol


anyhow onto the moke


my love for these began a long time ago, with my uncle 'Noddy' McGrath(champion sprint car driver) had one, with a 1275, downdraught weber, extractors mongrel cam, but drum brakes, lol


all round legend, nutter and awesome guy..!

so, after years of pestering, and tbh i gave up on ever thinking i could own one when i saw them on ebay for 12k....

til i bumped into an old mate, whose landlord had one in their garage, untouched for nearly 2 years


how i saw her back then


more to come

thanks for your time

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so, that instant i first saw her, it was love at first sight

and after many nights of him saying 'yeah i'll call him'

then landlord not answering or getting back to my mate, i nearly gave up

til i caught him down there at the house, when i turned up.

jumped all over him, lol

so, today, i got her



going through her while waiting for the towie



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after taking out the seats, and started clearing the crap out of her



and just before i tucked her in tonight.

will get right into her tomorrow and update

will try find a pic of the inspiration car, named Kermoke


hard to find a good one of her


same guy built this one


thats all for now

thanks for your time

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