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Joey's White Ae71


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Imgur album:


Figure I'll put a thread up here since i've lurked here for so long xD. This is to be my daily driver and is scheduled to be back on the road this arvo (pumped).


I purchased myself an ae71 off boostcruising (lol) about 6 months ago. Just got rego yesterday, but broke down with fuel issues on the way home (filled up the tank for the first time in who knows how many years, stirred up shit in the tank that shouldn't have been stirred up). Leaving that to the mechanic because I really can't be ʞ©$ɟed xD.


Recent pics:



Semi recent pics:


With these:




Came with:

- 4ac 5spd with a weber downdraft, ʞ©$ɟed radiator

- cut falcon springs all round

- 3 shocks

- 3 working brakes

- 3 seatbelts, two of which worked

- resprayed exterior 2pac white. ok I guess, rust repairs bad.

- no bumpers

- locked stock borgy*

- cut rear arches

- ʞ©$ɟed taillights

- ʞ©$ɟed everything


What I've done:

- A shit ton of maintenance

- New suspension. MA61 struts and brakes up front (coilover sleeved), falcon sway and cut king superlow springs on the rear (captive), commodore wagon rear shocks, open stock borgy*

- Pajero mc, braided lines

- Hotwires in 14x6

- New tailights, wired up a dodgy reverse light set up with a relay from supercheap

- Re-sealed the boot, did some dodgy-er rust repairs

- Lots and lots of little things like window washer and steering boss


Been a big job so far, and I'm still not quite at the part where it all pays off. But still a whole lot of fun and learning.


Immediate plans is to get the fueling sorted, drive it, seal the boot lip properly as it has some leaks, and finish some bogging in the wheel wells, then drive it more.


Future plans are e30 boot lip, some variety of black plastic front lip (FOH? idk), and when I can afford it (might be next year I'm poor), finish rebuilding the 4age smallport I have, and chuck it in with the weber and a 4k dizzy machined to fit. Want to to keep nice street manners and handle well, so I am a bit reluctant to put the locker back in, but also want to take it to give drifting a go, tis a dilemma.


A few pics of build so far:








not so SOON.


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Update: still broke, getting the tank drained and cleaned. Had a bit of a blast in it though, thrashing it around like a dickhead to try and figure out if it was still broken xD. Got smoked by a little green ae82 with some variety of 4age (assuming) lol, shortly after the line got clogged with shit again and it started getting fuel starved. In other news I am pretty happy with the way it drives, no abnormal rattles, stops very well, and you can actually feel the wieght transition, something i've never really experienced in my ae112 (aside from body roll xD).

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Car made it out to AJD! Just got the new engine running too.




Someone took this photo of it's new heart



Still needs more running in, and i've got to fix some things like collapsing rad hose joins just before the water pump, etc. Going on a road trip in it next month then hopefully some track time will be had.

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I was wondering whose that car was. Interesting set up. How does it go? Any draw backs running the gze manifold with unequal runners?


Goes well, haven't given it a thrashing since its still being run in, but it pulls hard from 3k-6k (all i've taken it to). Seems to have a lot of torque down low, more then i expected. When I eventually make it to the track I'll know more :P. Carby and cam upgrades are always possible and easy enough with off the shelf stuff. All stock smallport except a trd 0.8mm hg, plus ignition and fuel.

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