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4Afe Alternator And Bracket Onto 4Agze Block?


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Help me out here! I can't seem to find my answer...


Does the alternator, bracket and swing arm from a 4afe bolt onto a 4agze? I don't have a bracket on my ZE and am doing a rwd turbo conversion. I was thinking about buying a ZE alt and A/C bracket but apparently the alternator hits the sway bar on the AE71/86.


Any help is appreciated or a link to the page would be good!



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with the mr2 ZE motor the alternator sits up higher then i guess?

Maybe I should just source a ae82 big port set up, I think that might be easier than trying to make a ae92 low mount alternator fit/clear the sway bar? any info on this would be great as I'm looking at buying some stuff from littleredspirit that is low mount from said ae92.

If anyone can tell me if it clears the sway bar that would be great!

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Bit late to the party, I had a 4AFE sitting here a couple of weeks ago. Aircon sits low on the exhaust side of the motor with alternator above. Power steering pump on inlet side.

If you're using a 4AGZE motor and want to keep the power steering, you'll have to run the Aircon, just to retain the idler pulley for driving the power steering pump.

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