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Panel Beating / Spray Painting In Brisbane

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Hey Guys,


Considering the option of respraying the Rolla while the engine is out and engine bay is completely



Looking for someone locally who can do a top job but of course on a budget!


Anyone on here willing to do the job or know of someone who can?


It was only resprayed a few years ago so very limited body work required. A little sink back in some

areas, some very minor dents and slight bubbling of rust around filler cap. Aside from that the car

is still in really good solid condition.


Thinking of going a satin white finish, or maybe a different white. Most importantly is getting the body

back to dead straight.



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Best advice, having been through this is to strip the car interior for access and get the dent removal guys out to do mass panel work first,

then change any panels that are rusty or too far gone. Strip car down except the rear axle - for mobility and get a pro tig welder guy to do chassis

rust repairs by cutting up and forming some old panels with non rusty sections. Get an inspection camera and look into every hole, sill and crevice

for rust. Blow out all the internal crap and repair if needed. You will put in some type of cavity wax at some point. Then off to the painters.


Choose your painter wisely, it makes every difference. I got quotes from $2000 to $20000 for the same job but with a different quality of finish.

Go and see workshops and talk to the owners, this is by far the most essential part of getting a car painted. Trust me you will get a feel pretty

quick for the type of work they do and what sort of quality they can produce for your budget. You might laugh at this last tip but make sure they

can put your car undercover the entire time, a stripped down car sitting in the rain all weekend isn't great for rust protection.


To be honest any money spent upfront is saved twofold down the line, best guys are hotrod / classic restoration guys but they can get expensive.

The cost is all in the prep really and thats what the guys will want to see for themselves. Best to drive around with the car first, even on a car trailer if

unregistered from workshop to workshop and get them to have a look. A lot of workshops wont even ballpark a figure without seeing the car first.


Good luck :)

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Looking for someone locally who can do a top job but of course on a budget!


Sorry man, but these two don't go together,


I can point you in the right direction of someone up here on the northside,



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