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Ke10 Happened Again.


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So!.... I've had this for a while. A mate of mine said he saw an old corolla his buddy posted and thought I might be interested. Called him and turned out to be a 67' ke10! ????. Long story short, picked it up for a steal and took it to the missus brothers place to store it.


I had originally bought the car to use as a doner for my blue 70' ke11 but turns out its a very very straight shell with the normal rust in the spare wheel well and a few tiny spots up front in the sils in front of the door, besides that, I'm stoked! It also has ae86 struts and hubs in there somehow too. A few owners before me has a turbo ca18 in it so it's got a big trans tunnel which suits my plans perfectly!


Yesterday after a few months sitting under a tarp, I dragged the missus over to help me start paint stripping the rear guards. Turned out sweet!


Here's what's happened so far..







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Yo Matt, instead of using shitty paint stripper head to bunnings and pick up a 'Strip it disk' for a grinder. Basically looks like a round kitchen sponge. Strips paint in seconds and leaves the panel dead smooth and doesn't heat it up if you don't push hard.. I did my entire celica with one and couldn't be happier. Was like $13

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More progress today on ke10 v2.


It was windy as hell so I didn't get to do more body work as I can't paint outside. So I decided to pull apart the blue car more. Now the motor and box are out!


Now to start pulling down the motor to give it a freshen up and some more goodies before going into the new shell for mock up ????



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