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The Home Of Motorsport Bah!!!!!


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Not really stressed about Formula Prius these days. The gaps between the haves and the have nots is wwaaaaayyyyyy too big. Even a mate who happens to be a handling engineer in FP needed a rather cool company car to entice him back.

Supertaxis are ultra close, so that's a shame that they aren't free to air.


As long as MotoGP stays on ch One/Ten I really don't mind. World Series Sprintcars are on One and lately been awesome to watch.

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Absolute garbage, this deal. C10 knew they weren't benefitting the wider public. There's been a long term plan to get it on foxtel eventually. It's the last major sporting comp to get flogged on there. There's nothing left after this. 20+ years ago, I would've been passionate enough about F1 to fork out cash. But now, I wouldn't consider it. If I didn't get foxtel for the London Olympics or the Cricket WC (The only times it's hurt not to have it), then current F1 is not going to be enough.


Can anyone help with a link for streaming anyway?

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