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Ke70 Electrical Crisis, Earth/grounding Points?


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ke70 toyota corolla 1987


I've seen alot of topics on this issue but my issue is about reading the diagrams and wiring too the earth points? I can't understand them at all and I'm pretty sure its the earthing or the switchs around the steering wheel.


So first the headlights stop working and we tested the loom and the bulbs and nothing seemed out of the ordinary then we took the fuse box out from besides the peddle and noticed it had water residue and had rusted a bit inside so we took it apart and cleaned it up. We plugged the fuse box back in and this is when every thing went A-wall, I decided it may have been the fuse box so i bought a new one but it had exactly same problems.


All the threads I've been reading is 9/10 pointing towards bad earthing, i.e not being connected or old earthing having corrosion and needing cleaning.


Now I'm a complete novice so these diagrams every one links make no sense to me, is there a basic map of the earthing in the car some where that I'm missing ?


I know of the 1 from the Battery to the chassis but thats as far as i can see.



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At least in Australia you will find earthing lugs bolted:


motor to chassis, down near the rails somewhere meaningful.

In the bay near the front corner on one side or the other.

Under the dash behind the steering column somewhere up high.

From the steering column to the wiring in the cluster with a big wide copper washer with a wire hanging off it.

Battery to body near the battery.

In the boot near the taillights.


You may have a burned out wire? Or a sneaky break. Look for signsof previuios damage to the wires. Did the problems coincide with any repairs or maintenance that may have inadvertantly resultedin your issues>? Who knows, if you throw water in the mix its anyones guess.

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It sounds like a lot of hours with a multimeter in your hands.


You should be able to measure the resistance from any bit of metal back to battery negative at under 3ohm. So any earthing part of a light circuit should show that. Really , it means tracing the circuit for any system not working length by length until you find the problem.


The headlights are funny, they supply power to both bulb filaments at once and earths one of them via the steering column switch. Take the first opportunity to replace the system by a relay setup that supplies power to each filament and earths it at the bulb. Much better adn brighter.

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http://i359.photobucket.com/albums/oo31/Erasmus_William_Macalister/20150930_1615301_zpsctgc65nk.jpg Here I found what seems to be a earth just behind the steering wheel, It was loose! on one end but unfortunately no change occurred after tightening it I fear that what I've done to the fuse box next to the peddle has ʞ©$ɟed something else. http://i359.photobucket.com/albums/oo31/Erasmus_William_Macalister/20150930_1613551_zps6u46gghd.jpg http://i359.photobucket.com/albums/oo31/Erasmus_William_Macalister/20150930_1617492_zpspkcpfbyo.jpg This is the fuse box we replaced, there is a couple of connections that don't seem to have a home. Can any one make sense of this ?
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