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Hi all,


This is my first post and I'm kinda new around here but I thought I'd start documenting my 1981 Toyota Corolla Ke70 build and everything else that comes along with it :wasted:


So i bought my little poo brown corolla about a month or two down in Gosford (I live in Sydney) with around 69XXX genuine kms on it off some dude looking like dis, high in the air, but on stock steelies:




It was in pretty good condition bar a few dings, had close to no rust, deep dish steering wheel, new alloy radiator and started and ran! Had a pretty dodgy drive back home as the thing pretty much didnt have brakes :wave: I wish I took photos of them but it was metal on metal and looked like it had been that way for a long while...


Anyway got her home and did a few things like changed the sludge (oil) in the old 4K motor, did all new pads, shoes, drums etc, the rear shocks were blown so I put some cheap shit ones in to get me through, cut 2 coils out of each of the springs for dope appeal, a AJPS adjustable panhard rod and put some 13x7" shoes on her and thats how she sits up until today:






Lovin the roof racks and the granny spec louvre :lovin:


After installing the Ae71 Tacho Dash, I cut the dash and centre console to fit 3 52mm gauges (which I haven't gotten around to buying yet... no real point) a double din touch screen Head deck. Also installed some 4inch speakers in the front and 6x9inch speakers in the rear.




Purple Haze (Y)


I decided i would focus on the suspension and brake work first while i find, buy and build an engine. so i started buying and saving a fairly long list of parts so i could put everything in in one go as it is my daily driver so..... (HOPEFULLY NEXT WEEK!)


Anyway, heres what I've bought suspension wise so far:


Suspension Parts List

  • Weld on Coilover Sleve Kit (AJPS I believe)
  • Cusco Camber Tops
  • 8kg coils
  • Bilstien dampers
  • Ae86 Hubs and Vented and slotted rotors
  • JDM Ae86 Callipers rebuild with all new seals and pots
  • Braided lines
  • XT130 LCA rebuilt with superpro bushes and new balljoints
  • Ae86 P/S knuckles
  • AJPS RCA's
  • Hardrace Castor Arms
  • TRD Ae86 18mm Rear Swaybar
  • SRI front Strut Brace
  • AJPS tie rod ends, rack rends, rack boots, lock spacer
  • Every front end Superpro bush
  • 6kg Rear coils
  • BC racing rear spring seats
  • (Eventually) Bilstien dampers in the rear

All this shit is waiting ready to go and i can't wait to post again with some actual build photos and progress! :thumbsup: :rocknroll:

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I ended up purchasing a sweet little 16v Smallport 7rib 4age from a mate who is a user on here ([email protected]) who had it sitting in his garage for a few years.

So i grabbed that for 100 dollarydoos :harhar: took her to the wizard himself, Jordain Saltau, cracked her open and shes clean as a whistle 8D

The plan is to:

  • Acid dip the block
  • New welsh plugs
  • -10 Dash fittings welded to rocker covers
  • Twin oil cap rockers
  • Equal length tuned stainless steel headers
  • Custom Baffled oversize sump
  • ACL Race bearings Mains, ACL big ends, TRD little end
  • Toyota thrust bearing
  • TRD Headgasket and timing belt
  • Cam belt guide washer and Cam belt pulley
  • Brand new oil pump, Ported and pressure up kit
  • 4AGE Head bolt kit and spigot bearing
  • Machine work; Bore, hone, balance engine, acid dip, deck block
  • ARP bolt kit, mains and con rod bolts
  • Wiseco 12:5:1 comp pistons

Because I wanted to go with a sweet ITB intake system we ended up swapping out the Smallport head for a Bigport head which had been upgraded with a few goodies including:

  • HKS valves
  • HKS springs
  • TRD valve stems
  • Recut valve seats

This is all i really know about the engine so far as its only had a quote on whats being done to it but I will have a complete blog post with pictures and stuff as its getting built! :dancetall:

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Yeah dude! I would definitely love to get back out on a track for a couple of days! Never done hill climb but always wanted to sign up and try! Ideally I would like to buy another car and use that as a daily and keep this on club rego and do track days in it but we'll see! I know it's been an expensive venture so far but so keen to keep going and finish it! Eventually do some resto work and keep her for the long haul!

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  • 2 months later...

Hey guys sorry for not posting for a number of weeks, but i just finished moving into the new Dank Den (house) :thumbsup: and finally got most of my car and garage shit into my new double garage :storm: so shits been put on hold for a little while.




BUT! now that my car is out of rego and i have a new space it means its time to get back to work!

so the other day I decided to clean up a few bits and pieces before I got to actually ripping the old girl apart. first up was coil-overs! (pic) took them out to my boy Jordain who helped me:

-shorten the struts





-weld up the new sleeve kit



-and put new SPAX MKII Golf struts in the front (shortest strut for 86 on the market :pimp:)


Then I took them home and got to cleaning and painting them.


HEEEAPS happy with how they turned out considering only doing 4 coats with high heat paint and a couple of clear coats for the glossy moisty look :gurgler: Anyway not overly fussed they, should hold up and look ok for a little while!






Now as you can imagine, staring at a monster pile of corolla suspension parts gave me a bit of a hard one, so before i got too handsy with myself, i decided to start ripping off the old girls limbs.

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i wont go into too much detail as to how smoothly everything came out, but ill leave that on this note:

-working an a 35+ year old car is a crappy, messy, lonely job that requires a certain amount of strength and patience i do not possess.....

so i got my boys GEORGE and HAYDEN round to do some dirty work for me :lovin:




after a few headache filled hours we got her completely stripped of all stock parts under the arches, bar the steering rack! also ʞ©$ɟed off the flat front headlights as i got a good price on some QUADDIES!!!!! :osama:



Stock Garbage



Quads mock fitted


The quads were a bit of a stuff around but after mocking it up and measuring at least 15 times i dug out the dremel drill and slowly and extremely carfully cut up the apron to fit the new garnish. Pretty happy with how it came out! can't see any of the cuts and the headlights sit in there nice and tight!

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Alright, now to the good shit,


after a night off to plan how to attack this job and few too many beers and bongs :clover: it was straight back down to the garry to start the install!


The day went a little like this:

  1. replaced bushes in steering rack
  2. installed lock spacer
  3. installed new rack ends (ʞ©$ɟ THIS SHIT RIGHT OFF ʞ©$ɟING ʞ©$ɟ!)
  4. installed new tie rod ends
  5. installed XT130 LCA's
  6. installed AE86 P/S arms
  7. last minute removal of caster arms and brackets and sway bar
  8. installed new caster arms
  9. reused stock sway bar / replaced bushes on all mounts
  10. mock install of coilovers

At this point i was extremely over crawling under the brown bitch so i called it a day and decided to push to see her back on the ground by the next evening!


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