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Auto 4K Ke55 To 4Age Manual

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hey guys, I'm from melbourne,

so ive had my ke55 for about a year now, ive been doing a bit of research on converting my stock 4k to a 4age and making it manual, i have no idea where to start, its currently on club rego in VIC. i know ill have to get in engineered, can someone give me a few tips ? maybe like a check list of things ill have to do and in which order to do them ?


i haven't purchased a motor or anything yet, i want to figure out how much i would need to spend and get all the details first,


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I've just done one, so read "The Girls KE70". It is about the cheapest you could ever manage when it comes to the ancillary bits like fuel systems, air cleaners, cooling system etc. Put aside $3000 for parts, and hope you can do everything mechanical yourself. Put aside $10,000 if you want to put it into a garage and drive it away all done!


If you can get a RWD 4AGE you will be well ahead as it makes the inlet system & exhaust manifold simple and the cooling system easy. The FWD will need the inlet manifold cut and welded on backwards, a set of extractors for the exhaust and a remote thermostat system made up. All that is on the web.


Don't rush, work out what components are worth and keep looking around for them. Start with a crossmember to fit the 4AGE and the pedal box conversion to hydraulic. Get a motor with as much on it as you can, a gearbox with driveshaft and then see what you need to buy in the way of air cleaner boxes etc.


I had mine engineered with everything quite stock on it, he was happy with stock suspension & brakes, and it cost me $700. Sadly that's no use to you in Vic.


Ask questions as you go...

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