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I have recently purchased a ke70/ae71 and also a 1uz engine. I don't want to make a drift build I just want a road car which I can have fun with, my main point and question is. If I would have sufficient space for an air conditioner to be added?


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Buddy are you really going to announce plans for a v8 street car build then ask if you can fit AC in the same breath? As if anyone knows. Its fully custom. The way you find out is mount your 1uz and see how much space you have, internet can only get you so far. :clover:

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Most people don't bother with AC when doing engine conversions, and here is why....


Once you start talking custom you can put your AC compressor anywhere you like, and where you like is going to be where it fits. AC gets very expensive very fast, even just fixing oem stuff. just got a quote to fix the work ute AC and it was almost 1500bucks. Even just a re-gas was $350!


Also the compressor is just the start of your troubles.


here is how i imagine the install going:


-fit 1uz and gearbox, make exhaust fit as well as cooling system, make the car drive on 1uz power.

-find a place to put AC compressor

-make sure your chosen place allows for the pulleys to line up and a suitable length belt to be used. make sure your pulley ratio is the same as what the compressor came from.

-see if you need to make a belt tensioner while you are at it

-figure out weather you can reuse an existing bracket, or make something totally new

-figure out if the AC condensor from the ke70 will work with your chosen AC compressor

-figure out how to mount the AC radiator

-figure out how to mount the accumulator

-figure out how and where to get custom hard piping made up for all of this, All your items need to be mounted very robustly, so the new piping doesn't move and get damaged. have a look at an OEM AC install, lots of beutifually made hard piping with very nice bracketry to go with it. you do not want the piping moving or touching anything.

-figure out where to mount your expansion valve, make sure it is going to work with your franken AC.

-Wire it all up

-get it filled with gas and enjoy AC.


I would buy new AC components unless you pull them from a running working AC. AC stuff does not like sitting around.


On a side note, it might be worth looking into what aftermarket AC systems hot rodders put in their cars, jay leno is always talking about "vintage air" on his videos which is some american mob. I'm sure someone in Australia does something simliar for the hot rods here. All of the above is still going to apply, but you might be able to buy a kit that all comes with it. I believe it replaces the whole fan box in the cabin too.

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Was wondering if anyone here have done a built like this before ,That's why I asked. Thank you tho


Ive seen v8 build before for full track only, nobody Ive noticed has kept ac.

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