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aftermarket aisan carby on ebay

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hi folks

Has anyone tried these ebay ones (aisan copy?) are they are any better or worse than the orig? 

I have just restarted my ke70, which is running rough, it had sat in storage for many years. After some checks I believe the carby is the problem. It ran fine when i last drove it, has 200k on it.

I gave it a good clean which helped a little but noticed the accellerator plunger no longer squirts fuel. It runs ok at higher revs, but wont idle and dies when the choke is off... 

I could either buy an overhaul kit (approx $60) which may or may not fix the problem, or

for about $135 i could get an aftermarket one, but I would like some feedback first.





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i bought one for my farm bush basher corolla.
It works, sort of...

the problems:

The motor now sounds like a russian tractor
the accelerator pump plunger is terrible and has completely failed for me after one use, but that may be because ours sits in a car which isnt run for periods of sometimes up to 8 months which leads to it drying out and shrinking.
The bowl cover gasket that comes in it, will disintegrate the first time you open it, so don't open it.
The ported vacuum is effectively useless and supplies next to no vacuum at any throttle position, so best run off manifold vacuum for spark advance.

The good things:

its cheap
it works so long as you install it and drive it normally.

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Realistically the only thing that wears out on a carby is the throttle spindle.  As long as there is no wear there, everything else can be replaced with a rebuild kit.  There are often subtle differences from year to year in linkages and other connections which mean that something you may assume will be a bolt on, isn't, even though it's for a 4K

Plus jetting etc may be more suited to a forklift rather than a Corolla

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