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Leyburn Historic Car Motor Sprints


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Did my annual pilgrimage to Leyburn at the weekend in my KE30.  What a great weekend as always !   Beautiful weather on Sunday, & this event just gets better & better, & never disappoints.

The track record was broken for the first time in quite a few years, & there was 209 entries, each getting in between 6-8 runs, over the 2 days.

Shannons Show & Shine saw some beautiful exhibits.  The racing got very fierce on Sunday afternoon, as the opportunities to lower one's times reduced.

A few KE20 Rollas there.


A few pics here, if you'd like to take a look.

Cheers Banjo

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No, I didn't enter.  I'm just an avid spectator !   It's just a great atmosphere, & so well run.  Everyone mingles, & you can walk through all the pits & talk to everyone about their pride & joys.  Just have a look at the comments on their Facebook page. Everyone says I'm coming back next year.



The only things that "bang your doors" are the hay bales, if you drift too wide, or get up on two wheels.

This year funds were being raised for the local school.  $ 5.00 per ticket. Two draws with the winners getting a quick lap as a passenger of the circuit.  The drivers really turn it on, and to see the faces of the winners, when they alight at the finish line is a sight to behold. A mixture of fear & joy that they are still alive !

This video was taken a few years ago. Think Mike was frightening a quick lap winner.

Lots of competitors had their Go Pros on.

Recommend the weekend to anyone !

Cheers Banjo




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