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Ke30 Engine swap daily driver

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For that price you are probably  looking at a 5k conversion. Have a bit of a google around as it is basically a bolt in job.

If its a daily drive i would be spending  the money on basically giving the engine a once over. Remember the car and engine  are old. So they gonna need stuff replaced $$. 

Pending your ability you might get a nice camshaft, extractors/exhaust  and a tuned carby for your budget. 


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"Best" is tricky..

The Weber downdraft from the Ford/any old Euro is the cheapest, the 32/36 DCD. It fits the stock inlet with an adapter plate.  You can buy them brand new if you're rich.

A Weber 40DCOE will do the job no problem, but you will need a manifold for it. It will give more performance than the DCD.

Twin DCOEs...  better, but not unless you're really serious.  All these Webers will need jetting to suit your car.

Twin SUs-  cheaper to run, great carbs (I use them) but generally old & worn now. You buy needles to suit or sand them to make your own.

Bike carbs...  One day I'll do them! Just search Tommy's KE thread and see what his 5K put out!! 

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