Rusted chassis ke36

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So this isn’t high on the priority list atm as we’ve got a few dozen other things to sort out on other things first, but I’m just trying to figure this out so I can plan/save for it.

I currently have a ke36 that has a very rusty section of chassis under the engine. I’m after any advice/experience any members have with either repairing this themselves or a ballpark figure of how much a panel beater would charge if I was to go that route. 

As much info as possible would be great.

thanks :)

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Please post some pictures of the actual damaged area, & I'm sure there are those experienced on this forum, which will offer their thoughts.

Cheers Banjo

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Depends how well you knew the panelbeater..  he'll want it up on stands with no crossmember or suspension, and all the paint stripped back to bare steel.

That makes transporting it difficult, so its easiest to get a panelbeater to drop in one weekend with a MIG.  Even Bruce at On The Spot mobile welding could come and do it. they'll all be $100+ an hour unless you can talk them down.

Then again, if you can find  a MIG or even a stick welder we can do it ourselves, same as the Celcia rally car.  When the race car is out of the shed put the wagon in and strip it, and we will see what steel we need to buy. The guy I built the verandah for bought a new stick welder for that job, we could borrow that.

i dr rail done.jpg

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