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Carina II '91 in United Kingdom


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I found this informative Utube, specifically 4A-F focussed..


The illustration of the 'hot water zone' within the phenolic spacer interests me - have 'old skool' tuners here experienced water gushing when a carb is taken off?

Did anyone bypass/re route the water jacket?


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The rubber pipe linking the thin 'return' fuel pipe to the tank has perished.


I had the garage replace it, well... don't fancy petrol running up my arm, as I lie under the car.

£5 parts + £10 (cash in hand) to fit it 😉

£15 fix - I can live with that!


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My local exhaust shop has had a 'mare with 'faulty' front downpipes.... 1st failed Y-welds.... 2nd snapped flexi.... 3rd is a good one BUT blowing like a loco at the manifold flange 😞

..... Ah haaa! Actually, when the 3rd was fitted the guy warned me the threads on the studs are known for stripping out >> so he must not have leaned on them = failed to seal!!

Depot manager agreed to swap out all three studs and refit the downpipe. "Great", says I 😉

TWO HOURS* with the Oxy torch it took to tease the oldies out & a retap to clean up the threads.... Free Of Charge YaY!!

* ok, I'm dropping a tray of Budweiser in for him - I got a megga thirst just watching lol


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Not much been happening with the old girl....

I have looked for a 'factory' deck lid/bootlip spoiler since getting the car and they are RockyHorsePoo.....

Finally snipped this at megga cheep 😉

I believe the Gen6 corolla has a similar bootlid, 4 doors, and wonder if the guys out there have taken something similar and done the mod?



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