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Japanese Classic Car Show - California - 2021


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Nah, Classic Japan is where it's at!

Yep Pete !  Completely agree.   Have never been to Japan, but if I do, I would be heading straight to Nagakute & Nagoya, to wander around the wonderful car museums the Japanese have there.



My personal problem would be, that although it is wonderful looking at these beautifully restored examples, I would be very frustrated with the fact that you can't lift the bonnet, & see how they did it, & put everything together, on the working side of the cars.

Many years ago I was in London, & visited the big museum there that has everything from planes, to trains, & cars.  I had never seen anything like it, & returned for a further 2 days, as I couldn't drag myself away from it.

Cheers Banjo


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Classic Japan is in Melbourne!  Run by the Toyota Car club.  Unfortunately not this year, but all should be good for Dec 2022.  And who knows, I might even drive something there for once.

i'm a huge fan of aircraft museums, but find it immensely frustrating when the exhibits are generally in a darkened environment and usually in gloss paint.

Moorabbin Air Museum is one shining exception to this, and you can actually touch the exhibits, and some you can even clamber into!

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