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Lower the height or maintain?


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Thanks for the pics of your drive. Nice looking Rolla, with that big "fish mouth" grill, which looks like it would be ideal to suck lots of air into a turbo.

Tell us a bit more about your ride.  I presume the C stands for "California catalytic converter", which Californian cars were lumped with ?

Have you still got the 5 speed transmission therein ?

Any other things you have done to it ?   What year model is that ?

Lowering it can provide benefits, ride wise, but will change the appearance & stance somewhat, depending on what you like.

I'm presuming it has a 2TC engine under the bonnet. Pics please !

Looking to hearing back from you.

I had an Australian equivalent model which out here was called a KE55, & didn't have a single overhead cam motor.  We got the old pushrod 4KC motor, where the C still stood for California, I believe. 


Cheers Banjo





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I'm with Colin...   Many people lower their car without thinking about the bump stops at the back. I reckon the best is to take the springs & shocks off and jack the diff up so you can mark where it hits the body and measure how much smaller you can make the bump stops. Then get or make thinner and softer bump stops so you still have something to slow the diff down before it smacks the body and dents it. The driveshaft often grinds into the tunnel as the diff nose rises under acceleration, another one to watch.

There's always room to lower a car designed for 140kg of passengers in the back seat plus 70kg of luggage in the boot, and for the same reason you can run softer springs. If you do lower it with smaller bump stops, make sure the shocks compress more than the minimum distance, you don't want the shocks bottoming out first.


I reckon it looks great like it is!

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