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Fuel Pump / Serge Tank Relocation Ideas ??

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Hi All,


I am trying to get my car over the line for a compliance certificate and l have been advise l to need to relocate the Fuel pump and serge tank + accessories under the car to pass. Has anyone done this and would you have any ideas on where to locate these items as space is a nightmare. 


Thanks In advance guys!. 

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I put mine under the intake system in the engine bay, there's a lot of room there. The lift pump just runs into the stock lines, a small surge tank and the main pump & filter are close to the inlet manifold. The only piece of high-pressure fuel line as about 30cm long.

At 100kph you're using 7L of fuel per hr, so 120ml per minute, or 2ml per second..  How long do you want your surge tank to run the motor? 10seconds around a corner when the lift pump can't pick up the last bit of fuel? That's a 20ml surge tank!  How about 45seconds going up the Moonbi mountain range with the last fuel in the back of the tank? Well, a minute is 120ml of fuel.  Most people install giant surge tanks they will never use, so work out what you want it to do and then pick a size to use.

I re-purposed a Subaru fuel filter canister that was free at the wrecker-



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