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  2. Thanks Kieth I will get back to you when I'm home .great help ,makes sence. Out trucking atm
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  4. I expect the coil will not draw more than 10amps, that leaves about 10amps for other uses in their usual 20amp relay. Here's a handy diagram of wiring an alty in- Its illustrating why jumping the S onto B is not ideal, although I've done the same and don't seem to suffer from the drop in voltage at the battery. You can see you need the ignition light to be controlled by the ignition switch, and that is happening somewhere under the dash. Then a wire goes from the lamp to the alty and earths out when its not charging, lighting the lamp. That's the purple circuit below. Keep that, and if you want to jump across the orange line from coil to alty, make sure there is a fuse in it. That line activates the alty, the main current of power from the alty is the blue line going to the fusible link line and into the battery and car as a whole. The fact that Toyota didn't run the alty off the coil wire means there's probably a reason not to, but I don't know what that is... Here's the factory wiring setup from these guys- http://wilbo666.pbworks.com/w/page/39441708/Toyota%20Alternators They run a 10amp fuse in the line from Ign to Alty. If the IC regulator in the alty blows up you don't want the same problem again.
  5. Kieth yes so the main feed to the coil ,you have a relay next to the coil?i wonder how many amps it has to cope with?ive replaced it with good quailty 50amp wire. I also have a smaller red wire that comes from the ignition sw as well, I'm running a 4age alternator,3pin so my next stupid question , I have the S wire looped to B I have the light conected to exsisting wiring,But the IG wire was run in the burnt loom right back to ignition switch . Can i put this wire to coil positave???instead of running it back to ignition??to mininmise more wiring thanks
  6. Here's the KE70 setup, it must be very similar. That black/orange on IGN2 does the 'running' voltage to the coil and is also a feed to the engine fuse. If your 55 had a 12V coil you probably don't have that wire, it would all run off the BY IG1. Are you running a newer alty with an internal regulator? If the 55 had an external regulator it would look more like this, the USA T motor. In the end, just hunt around with a multimeter until you find an ign positive and trace it back to see what its for. Hook that onto a relay with power from the battery or alty, and feed it to whatever needs to be ignition-controlled. At the worst, run a new wire from the ignition key into the engine to feed a relay. I've put my coil onto a relay with the 4AGE, it cuts down the current that the coil feed carries from the key right around the engine bay, just like yours. Of course when the relay burns out I'm in the same boat.
  7. Yes, a youngish new immigrant from Sydney saw it in Gumtree & he is a Toyotaphile that just had to have it. Added to his old Crown & a Cresta.
  8. Thanks Pete,Kieth,the pump is in the boot with relay ,been there for years. Ive had a major wiring melt down in ehgine bay,from where i extended the coil wires from right to left inner guard. Which also had taco wiring and oil sender and fuel pump power(from the coil)all melted so it was hard to find which wire caused the problem. I'm trying to eliminate as much wiring to the coil as possible,have keeped all the replacement wiring seperate from main loom just in case. There where no shorts ,as ive removed the loom (twice)unwraped every think and re wrapped it.the light wiring is un touched and works fine. i m suspecting ive used to light of wire in one of these and it finally give in.my guess. i got it to run yesterday ,with fuel pump power to a blue red wire at ignition switch just loose to see if my new wiring in the ehgine bay caught on fire,it didnt. Still have to find a 12v to hook the charge light to ,maybe the coil positave but I'm very weary of this coil now.. thanks rob
  9. It’s primed and sealed. No more bog, only taken a month to get to this stage of making the plug!! I am finally done with filler, i think it’s as symmetrical and straight as it’s going to get. Key take away, next time keep it simple with flat surfaces. I think I went to complex making it with compound curves and trying to follow the cars profile too much Anyway it’s done, final sanding to 1200 grit to go and then it’s ready to pull a mould from it.
  10. As far as I'm.aware alot of modern cars have some level of oil usage issue. Cause they run such rediculusly light oil for fuel consumption reasons. My wife's 2011 forestor is very bad, mates audi is quite bad too.
  11. There is no doubt there are some killer parts prices if things go bad. How do you get an engine consumption test done? Sounds like something that would require the car for a few days which isn't really an option when buying. I've snoozed the GTI forums on faceplant as all you see are a litany of fault codes and various other failures. Although most of the people on there are taking them to various states of tune. Of course they are not all like that, but varied stories of high oil consumption, leaking thermostats, DSG issues. Took one from a dealer for a test drive yesterday as a learning exercise. Lovely car but cosmetically a little rough. The wheels are a sitting duck for curbing. He wasn't happy when I pointed out the lake in the boot, or when I showed it to the other guy looking at it. The DSG shifts were a little ropy too until it warmed up, then OK. Went like the clappers. No surprises they weren't offering much of a trade in. Left salesman and used car manager scratching their heads looking in the wheel well. So I think I will look to sell the xtrail privately, register the AE86 and drive that for a bit while looking for a good GTI.
  12. Is it a pusher or puller pump? If the former may want to consider relocating to the boot?
  13. Coil ignition would be the obvious one, use that to run a relay with coil and pump both on it. It depends on how you wired the 4AGE in to start with. Alty would be another, that has an ignition controlled feed. Wipers would be a bit out of the way, probably the passenger's kick-panel if its like a KE70. Indicators would all be inside the column, as would the accessories like lighter and radio. Do you have an electric fan on it?? The slantys have a purple wire going from drivers side to passengers that was ignition controlled, I assume for the 4AC coil. Which loom did you get to repair it with?? KE55?
  14. Looking for a good safe ignition on power for electric fuel pump. Around dash or ehgine bay,had a huge wireing melt down .not sure if it was fuelpump wirng or coil wiring to much damage to be sure. Yes i have a relay on pump ,and fuses.(been working fine for years) 4age ke55 carbs
  15. Cool, was it the SR model with the 3KB twin carbs?
  16. He definitely went full '80s with his! The stone-flectors, rear louvre, windscreen banner, spotlights, jelly beans etc. are all great period-correct accessories that I would've wanted back then.
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  18. Great photos. Cars look really good side by side with their individual stylings.
  19. If you're thinking second hand I'd really highly recommend an oil consumption test done. If new rotate it for a new one before warranty runs out. With a 1mm,1mm,1.75mm ring package on the vw/audi 1.8t and 2.0t aren't built for longevity. We have a fix at work(it actually kept us open over the real strict lockdowns) so even a second hand one with high oil consumption on the cheap is not a bad idea. I've just built a forged engine for a friends R. The factory gasket kit is poison though at almost 2k trade. They can also have cam tension issues going by the amount of valve "kissed" pistons I've seen. BUT don't let any of what I've said as a negative about the car itself. The GTI is my preference of the hot hatch department, it drives a lot lighter and more "flickable" than the R.
  20. Ahh thanks Pete! I should have a read back through myself. Funny to think I've had it that long now. And that it's still holding together. Almost long enough to forget how hard it was, and maybe start another! It does seem they didn't get the K50 over there Simon, as this was a '78 model - so not so "early" 5 speed.
  21. "Asked if a foreign diplomat may have spread the virus, given they are exempt from hotel quarantine, Professor Sutton replied: "We simply don't know. I wouldn't rule anything in or out."" Yup.. they're looking after us all right! The rules are that the peasants get shafted as usual but the Govt do what they like. No Covid-spreading hotels for diplomats, and Govt ministers getting busted for breaking their own rules all the time. They have continued to travel to these all-important world meetings between the pigs and the farmers. Meanwhile Fauci's email leaks show the Americans knew Covid came from the Wuhan Lab but tried to hide it. Now they're willing to sacrifice Fauci to demonise the Chinese and blame them, omitting to point out the American Army Bioweapons lab at Fort Detrick was closed down in 2019 due to 'failure of biocontainment systems '. Of course while the mainstream media are picking up on the 'Lab-created' rather than 'eating a pangolin' story, they are failing to point out that the Americans. under Fauci, financed the building of the Wuhan Lab and paid to run it after gain-of-function experiments were banned in the USA. No-one is calling for all Govts to ban bioweapon experiments, so don't expect this to end well in the future. Covid is only the first one..! A Chinese virologist who was among the first people to tout the Wuhan lab theory said the coronavirus is a bioweapon and Dr. Anthony Fauci was among the scientists and organizations who knew about it and tried to hide it. In a Wednesday night interview on Newsmax, Dr. Li-Meng Yan said Fauci's emails, which were published by Buzzfeed and the Washington Post on Tuesday, proved he knew about the Chinese gain of function research before the pandemic started. 'These people knew what happened, but they chose to hide for the Chinese Communist Party and their own benefits,' Yan said. She published three reports - two last year and one this year - and she didn't mince words in latest report - published March 31: 'The causative agent of COVID-19, is not a naturally occurring pathogen but an Unrestricted Bioweapon. 'It is a product of the bioweapons program of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) government, the network of which includes not only the CCP scientists but also certain overseas scientists and organizations.' All three reports were published without peer review on Zenodo. The Wuhan lab leak was considered at first to be a crazy conspiracy theory that was pushed by the far right to blame China for the pandemic until President Joe Biden said his administration is looking into it. British intelligence reportedly assessed the theory recently and upgraded its likeliness from 'remote' to 'feasible', according to The Sunday Times. Then came Fauci's email dump on Tuesday, when more than 3,200 of his emails from January to June 2020 were obtained and published by Buzzfeed and the Washington Post. Yan referenced one of these emails during her interview with Newsmax. On February 1, 2020, one of Fauci's direct reports, Dr. Hugh Auchincloss, wrote in an email to Fauci that the 'experiments were performed before the gain of function pause but have since been reviewed and approved by NIH (National Institutes of Health).' Fauci and Auchincloss were discussing a paper that Fauci sent him. Its a bit like the BOM ignoring the fact that the Earth hasn't warmed since 2016, that ocean temperature is dropping, and now sell cold weather as 'a delight for snow-skiing' to the peasants. This doesn't sound like global warming to me... By now you've read all about the first really big winter storm system of 2021, with a cold pool of air and snowfalls likely as far north as the NSW Northern Tablelands and even elevated parts of southern Queensland - but where can you go to throw a snowball or two? A little further down the page, we've compiled a quick guide to some of the likely snow hot spots - actually, make that cold spots.
  22. Woke up early this morning, couldn’t get back to sleep worrying about something or other so reached for the phone. And have had a fantastic hour reading over the last 7 1/2 years. You should be very proud of what you have achieved! Waiting for my K/3K to come back from the machinist, repair areas in high fill - in other words just what I needed to see! What a car you have built
  23. Interesting re the gearbox! So was it like a 'normal' cable operated k-t50?
  24. On the weekend I met a very passionate Corolla owner named Steve. He was passing through town and stopped by to show me his left hand drive KE35, a recent import from Spain. Steve also owns a mirror-matching RHD KE55, a KE50 and has a KE35 convertible in the works - all painted in Bright Brown. Interestingly it's fitted with a cable operate T50 mated to the 3K. The clutch cable on the right hand side is actuated by a cross-bar from the left hand side clutch lever.
  25. GTI is rated by many to be the best all rounder car available in its class. Smallish, enough room for 4/5 people and very nice performance. My only experience with golf is a mate had a 2008 diesel turbo one with the first DSG. the car it self was brilliant but the DSG i didn't like that much. but apparently things have progressed significantly since and they are much better now. DSG was great at gear changes on road except, like all dual clutch transmissions, they suffer on low speed monouvers as basically the car is trying to guess what you want to do by riding the clutch. We drove it to sydney and back when it was basically brand new and it was very nice for long trips. Best test for them is to go to a busy round about and see how it reacts trying to sneak into a gap. There is deifinatly a delay between when you put your foot down and when the car goes. you get used to it relativity quickly but at first its pretty strange. I too could be just too picky cause there are plenty of them getting around and noone else seems to care. The DSG has a fancy gearbox oil that is quite expensive but i think its just a matter of getting it serviced when required and it keeps going. Probably not as expensive now as every car seems to have fancy gearbox oil. If i need a small run around car again (if work doesnt extend my contract that is up 30th june.......) I would be quite tempted on a golf or a polo. They seem to offer great value for $ and many of them have done stacks of kilometres and seem to keep going.
  26. Classic!! That would double as a nice luggage rack. Perfectionism, it’s a terrible affliction, probably borderline OCD. My thing is if I wouldn’t be happy paying for the finished product, then it’s not good enough. Getting close to blocking and final shape, pics soon.
  27. St246 Everything you want... with a Toyota badge! 😉 I love my 215.
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