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  2. hi mate, according to Chappel 's profile he has not been on the forum since November 25, 2018. If you wat to get in contact with him your only hope is sending him a personal message and he might get the email notifiation.
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  4. Hi Ride looks awesome. Did you swap the 7k in it or you bought as it is. Need to knoe if you faced any problems while swapping 7k in it.
  5. Hi mate I’m new here 1st post . Love your ride, I’ve got a 72 ke 20 with the ca18det as well mines in the build now . Txt me if you can some time plz and maybe we can catch up so I can chew your ear off. Lol. 0424 203 290. Cheers Brad
  6. It's not a bigport head . the rockers are adjustable they look the same as 4k rockers. maybe i could use A12 pushrods, 202 lifters and use my 3k cam.
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  8. Hey everyone. I'm chasing a lot of interior parts for my ke36 my dash is pretty badly cracked also if there is any centre console's around. Also kinda chasing some pretty straight chrome front and rear bumpers with as mine have heaps of dents and random holes drilled in them. Cheers Based in Perth WA.
  9. Ok, once you've decided which path you want to take, I can point you in the right path to someone closer than Vic. I only have a spare set of 4k rockers, I thought I'd kept the new lifter and a12 pushrod combo but I must of gone with one of the 2 5k's I had sold a while ago. BUT FIRST, you'll need to make sure the 3k head is a "bigport" or not. Does it have a welsh plug in the back of the head or is it a 4 bolt plate? If it's a plate it really isn't worth your time messing with a cylinder head that really isn't any better than what you have.
  10. Hey everyone! Been lurking this forum for a while and I've decided I want to purchase a old rolla! Looking primarily at the ke series as they look the best, but if a cheap levin comes around would defiantly take it in a heartbeat. I would be happy to purchase the vehicle if it has mechanical issues, not running (will need to be movable), body damage or a mistreated interior. However, I will not buy a car if it has deep rust, chassis damage or a write off as I intend to get it onto the road. Hoping for something manual, however automatics will be considered. Located in QLD, so would preferably like to get it up here however I am willing to travel down to Sydney and Melbourne. Send me a message on here or call me on 0411426761 Cheers, Luca
  11. 3 and 4k rockers are adjustable, 5k aren't. Not sure if 3k and 4k are different, only ever had 3k's for the bigport heads(everything was scrapped). The ramp rate on a hydraulic cam is different to a solid cam, so unsure if you can change the rate. Probably best to start with a 4k cam. Where are you located I may be able to help with parts.
  12. What’s the difference between 3k,4K and 5k rockers? Is it the height? would I need to get my cam reground to suit solid lifters?
  13. Nope the head height is pretty different. It'll either need custom pushrods or a non hydraulic cam with solid small block chev lifters datsun A12 pushrods and 4k rockers.
  14. ok thanks for the info it's much appreciated.
  15. These are designed for custom installs, from memory I used a 3000 series unit. If you want to use this unit, you will need to slightly increase the centre bore of the base in a lathe and reduce the height of the mounting legs. Changing the pedal box is probably going to be an easier and cheaper option.
  16. I decided to get o dish piston and use my 3k head. can i use 5k lifters and pushrods with the 3k head ?
  17. Hi all, sorry if this is not the right thread to post this in... I think it suits! Toyota Australia gave me the new Corolla Sedan to review for the week and being owners/enthusiasts I thought you guys would enjoy it! Video here for those interested
  18. thanks Crashly for the info mate appreciate it, do you know what vehicle that slave cylinder was originally for, i did a bit of a search and couldnt find anything to suit ke70. this particular unit has the right amount of push and obviously works so i would like to imitate it. are they a universal s/cylinder.
  19. No need for a clutch fork, it pushs forwards against the clutch pressure plate. The Tilton unit uses its own thrust bearing.
  20. this looks pretty insane, I've never heard or seen one of them slave cylinders, what i can see is the clutch fork is no longer required. so this just pushes straight onto stock thrust bearing?
  21. I converted my K40 gearbox in my clubman from cable to hydraulic (no room for the standard clutch fork) I used a second hand Tilton concentric slave cylinder (modded slightly to clear the input shaft) and mounted it to the input shaft seal/clutch fork pivot plate.
  22. I inherited this part-finished project a few years ago but don't have the time i would like to put into it and am needing the space in my garage. Engine bay has been re-built. Toyota Hilux 4k engine installed. Was converting back to petrol from gas, not completed. Interior all present and accounted for, just not all installed. All parts, plus some spares to choose between. Would like to sell the project as a whole rather than piece-meal. $500 ono, pick up only
  23. Hi all I want to swap 7k 1800cc EFI version into my KE70 Corolla with 5 spd Gear Box. Pleass advise as it will fit bolt on or need to do some fabrication work. Any help would be highly appreciated.
  24. I have a 4 speed in QLD if you want to investigate the post option
  25. thanks for the info, i know it don't make sense but i was putting a rotor in the car with celica 5 speed and have changed the pedal box as needed but I've hit a wall pissed the rotor off and going back to 4k for a bit so i was trying to avoid changing pedals again.
  26. I haven't heard of anyone converting a K box to hydraulic, but it should be quite possible if you fabricate a mount for the slave cylinder. The obvious problem is the cable pulls while the slave cyl pushes, so measure the travel with a cable setup and see if you can find a slave cylinder that travels that far. Then make a steel frame that bolts onto the side of the box and carries the slave, and fabricate some sort of connection between the slave's rod and the clutch lever's hook. Finally, get a flexible line made up that is long enough to reach. The big question is, if you're doing an engine conversion with an AE71 pedal box, why are you using a K box?? The usual path is for 4AGE or 3SGE, and neither use a K box.
  27. hi all, can i convert my 81 ke70 from cable to hydraulic clutch, i have already installed ae71 pedal box as i was doing an engine conversion but have hit a brick wall so fitting a 4k with manual gearbox (sourced from 82 ke70) for a bit and not sure if i have to find a cable pedal box now or i can convert to hydraulic. any help would be great.
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