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  2. Hi Guys n Gals Just got my L's 5 months ago and i decided to buy a ke70 wagon, came with a ca18det witch i can't but in while on my p's because i think it out puts 280kw or something the guy said (probs pulling my leg) But I;m going to take that out and put a p plate legal engine in. I'm not sure what engine I'm aloud to put in it if i can put a 4age or do i have to stay with the factory engine it came with witch was a 4k-c I see that NSW p plate laws have that i can't drive Power to tare mass ratios of greater than 130kW per tonne or, Modified engines that need to be approved by an engineer or, Other vehicles classified as high performance. now I'm not sure if i can put a bigger stock motor or i have to stay stock, Only because "Modified engines that need to be approved by an engineer" but does that count towards doing a engine conversion i know you have to legally get a engineering cert to even convert a different engine into the car. Just looking for some help because i don't wanna spend $xxxx and get pulled over and my cars fucked, IDK. Lmao thanks for any answers it would help alot, -Damien.
  3. https://www.onlineautoparts.com.au/products/04122-0855662115-9780855662110-Gregorys-Repair-Manual-Book/ZPN-25461..._ There's plenty around, Google will be your friend in this one. Also a few on ebay https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/233607922634
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  5. Doubles as a quick & easy towing hook. Say No More ! Cheers Banjo
  6. Thought it was time for a bit of a new look! So stickerbomb is gone!
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  8. Hey guys just got my first car and is it wrong to say I'm absolutely in love with it? Its a 94 corolla csi limited bare stock gets me places but its not as nice looking as it could and should be. i was wondering what upgrades would be worth and COULD be done to the ae94 without going full engine swap crazy. I'm a big noob to the whole car scene so i wouldn't even know where to look or what to look for quality wise.
  9. Does anyone have a gregorys manual for 1979 ke30/55 and ke38 they're willing to sell in Australia or have a PDF they can send me?
  10. Hi Jon can I swap full front suspension with hubs from a ke70 on my ke26 or is it easier to use ke30 suspension and hub? The idea is to get brake discs at the front and change to 4x114.3
  11. For Sale: Straight KE30 2 Door Corolla. 1975. Resprayed in Gypsum 2 pack in 2003 so paint still pretty good. Engine: Built 5k, solid lifter conversion with stage 3 camtech cam. 1 x 40mm sidedraft Weber. Extractors/exhaust...all the usual stuff. MSD-6AL and pertronic ignitor with all mechanical dizzy Trans: 5 Sp T50 (Early) with K-T Bell housing - needs front oil seal replacement...leaks like a sieve so needs work. Uprated tailshaft (Holden 6 sized UJs) - TA22 Hyd clutch. 21 spline plate from eXtreme Clutch Diff: R31 Skyline, shortened with corrected pinion angle and KE30 mounts - noisy but strong. Engineer certified with QLD Mod plate, rear anti roll bar to suit and custom handbrake cables Brakes: Stock KE30 front, rear R31 Disc and calipers with mechanical handbrake. Suspension - lowered King in the front, extra leaf and rest leaf pack down the back. Wheels: 14" Steelies, all tyres will be too old for road use now... Interior - ok, Carpet replaced and still good, Front seats retrimmed and still pretty good. Door cards gone and headlining needs replacing. Has a CD player with an amp and speakers. Remote alarm with central locking. Unregistered, East Gippsland, Victoria. 3 boxes of spare bits to go with it. Price: $2000 ONO, as is, buyer to collect - hasn't been driven in 5 years, so this will not be a drive away job - needs tires, all fluids, rotors etc. Been in my family since new...will miss it, but no longer have the time. Photos of build over the years below. It's not that clean at the moment either but will scrub up ok. Just needs some TLC. Oh and it has a Venetian blind in the back! email if interested: [email protected]
  12. Ke 35 complete dash with or without instrument clusters
  13. Locking this topic up to avoid any disappointment. Last page had nearly 2 years worth of questions and no reply from OP.
  14. Hello everyone, first time posting on the forum. I came across this thread, I have an Ae82 that has suddenly developed the exact same intermittent starting problem. Ignition timing varies as if the ecu forgets where TDC is on starting. Takes a few attempts to start. Either way too advanced or retarded. And sometimes starts first time with timing correct. Tried swapping the ecu, coil and ignitor aswell as the distributor. Same issue. Has the member that started the thread ever found the problem?
  15. looking for a ke 35 complete dash if anyone has one email [email protected]
  16. do you have a complete dash console for a ke 35 coupe
  17. I had the same with amayama, they have cancelled the order as the parts are no longer available. Now I'm waiting for the money to be refunded... Not a great purchase experience
  18. I'm not aware of a generic Japanese club, and with everything going to facebook, the clubs have remained pretty much as what was around 10 years ago. If you go to a TCCAV coffee cars and donuts you will find a wide variety of cars, not just Toyota's. I reckon once restrictions ease off, the first CC & D will be a popular event. If I remember, I'll message you so you know its on. I might even get my AE86 on club reg by then.
  19. Melbourne. I might buy an old Mazda 929 or perhaps a Subaru Leone also so I would like to find a generic club for Japanese cars. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  20. TCCAV is great, but Victorian based obviously. Where are you? They are still a very social group with an active competition programme, plus club meetings when COVID doesn't get in the way. As with any group, there is a smaller core of active members, so don't be put off by thoughts the group is too big, many of those (including me) are remote and not directly involved in the internet era.
  21. What car club you all recommend? I have emailed tccav but want to look into a few others. Something not as big
  22. So no surprise, the genuine KE2x strut tops are out of production and unavailable. Not very happy with the service from Amayama on this occasion, and that's got nothing to do with the unavailability of the part, rather their requirement for payment 3 days ago without any certainty of part availability.
  23. The long awaited Haltech R5 VCU, is now apparently available for sale, in the past few days. I've followed it's evolution with interest, as it is an entirely different concept. HALTECH NEXUS R5 VCU Despite being aimed squarely at the motor sport industry, it has the ability to be able to control just about everything, in an ordinary automobile, from just one controller/box. So gone is the ECU/EMS tag, & in with the VCU, which stands for Vehicle Control Unit. There appears to be enough outputs on this controller, such that every light, horn, windscreen washers/wipers, radio, etc., can be controlled from this VCU box. Explanation of Haltech Nexus R5  - VCU At around $ 5.5K, I doubt Rollaclub members will be flocking to buy something, that costs far more than most our Rollas are worth. However, it did cross my mind, how simple the wiring diagram would be. Battery, Alternator, Nexus R5, & a single wire to each electrical item in the car. No interlocks, no relays, no mass of wires behind the dash. How simple to trouble shoot ! P.S. It would almost do Altezzaclub, out of a job, tracing our electrical wiring diagrams, to asssist our RollaClub members, with "electrical issues". Cheers Banjo
  24. Wanted: A pair of stock Steel Toyota 4age 16 valve Camshaft toothed pulleys. Contact via PM.
  25. Hi Darren, Yeah lots of fun coming up. The COPS are a natural progression of experimenting with different fuel & ignition alternatives, for our K series engines. I have previously had a 4K engine running in waste spark mode, using a couple of Commodore coils with two HV spark plug connections. The only problem with these; are that the spark travels/jumps in one direction, in one spark plug, & in the opposite direction on the other. That then requires expensive platinum plugs. The beauty of the COPs is, that each COP has it's own ignitor on board, & the input trigger signal is low voltage. Just parallel two COPS together, & they then fire in unison (waste spark) with the spark jumping the gap in the same/right direction. The Waste Spark system, also employs a simple triggering system, so you don't need to have a synchronising camshaft pulse, at all. Just awaiting the toothed wheel to arrive in the post, to start experimenting, with the Speeduino, which has been running perfectly, non stop, on the bench, for the last four (4) days. Cheers Banjo
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