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  2. I heard of these but never actually seen one. What a laugh!
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  4. A fine example of an original KE70 XX, although I have fitted twin SU carbs and a cam. My wife's daily for years, she now has an X-Trail and I have my own KE70, so the gold one must go. Rego'd to next June, fully reliable with electronic ignition. Can be seen anywhere from Orange, where it lives, to Armidale, where I drive often. Can drive to Lithgow to meet Sydneysiders, or come and enjoy Orange for the day! The interior is excellent, an uncracked dash, seats un-torn, I'll get more photos tomorrow. The dent in the bonnet is where a tree branch fell off the truck in front of the previous owner, otherwise it just has minor dings from incompetent drivers over the years. Story is here- Price is $3300.
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    Unfinished project for sale....make an offer
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  7. I have a 1969 Toyota Corolla running standard 3k and 4 speed gearbox. I want to convert it to a 5 speed and have been told a 5 speed from a ke55 will bolt in useing the clutch and tailshaft already in the car, is this true ? can anyone give me some combo's that will work ? happy to replace clutch etc if need be.
  8. Rear quarter cut in really nice condition. Even the pocket is solid. No I won’t ship it but it’s easy enough to lug about on your own and I was able to fit it in the rear of my SUV Pickup in Surrey Hills Vic
  9. Hey Darren, how are you mate? It's unfortunately slowly and i'm also considering a slightly different direction, well, maybe haha. Gotta have a plan B! Pretty sure it is a 12.99, well that's the quickest one I've seen, was/is a white ke30 pretty sure it's a Sydney car. But that was a long time ago though. Ultimately I'd like around an 8.90 out of my car that's obviously not with a "K", well I should fess up, about 4 months ago I bought a CA stroker short block stupid cheap full of spool gear, so that technically could be plan B but I've also been researching the Honda stuff too.
  10. I have a 1969 Toyota Corolla running standard 3k and 4 speed gearbox. I want to convert it to a 5 speed and have been told a 5 speed from a ke55 will bolt in useing the clutch and tailshaft already in the car, is this true ? can anyone give me some combo's that will work ? happy to replace clutch etc if need be.
  11. Yep. My wife would however see it the other way, although the shed has been a sticking point in the house search. Plus daughter wants this, and son wants that. Fortunately we are all happy! they can even park their cars in the driveway, or on the street. There is a car pecking order here and Corolla’s take precedence
  12. So...you bought a shed...and it comes with a house?
  13. The "S" terminal on the alty needs a 12V reference, so you can run a separate wire to the S terminal, or hook it into the IG wire so turning on the key does both. You might have it wired so when you take a battery terminal off the alty loses that 12V to S, and it stops charging so the motor stops working. I can't see how, but its possible. I've never taken the battery terminal off when the 4AGE is running, maybe mine does the same...
  14. Stupid parents presumably leased through their businesses I’d say. My kids are pretty spoiled, but your right, that’s ridiculous.
  15. How do 17yr old kids get 60k audis? I hear you on the auto thing. Brisbane traffic is getting rediculis and my commute is stop start half the week. Never thought I'd consider an auto.... Good to hear the xtrail worked out well.
  16. Ohhhh nice! Projects will continue!
  17. You are right, it would do that! I usually loop the signal wire... Very good out loud thinking!
  18. Exciting news news in the Parrot household as I finally have a shed that does justice to the collection! A three car garage! I will now have all three cars in a position where they can actually be worked on, instead of crammed down the side of the current garage where they are essentially inaccessible. Meanwhile the AE86 won’t be permanently covered in sawdust from son’s bat repairs. In a few months after settlement you can expect a photo with the doors up and cars inside! Wife says, you will have to throw some of your old parts out. Err no says I. I’ll be putting in racking for those. Oh, there is a house attached but that’s the boring bit.
  19. I've seen the same symptoms in my ke11 and my father's old FJ20 swapped datsun 510. I had the "signal" wire for the regulator to the battery wire post on the alternator, it apparently loses the 12v signal and stops charging. May not be your issue, just thinking out loud.
  20. Well its definitely charging. Can you tell us which wire you used to feed power into the push-start button?? Here's the circuit I'd use. You need 12V power when the ignition is on to feed the button, so jump into the Black/Yellow wire and feed the button from that. From the button to the starter just use the B/W as factory. Any ignition powered circuit will do it, and as it only fires a relay you could use the B/Y after the 10A engine fuse, that would be safer. Either way I can't see how fitting the button would affect the charging.... I can't imagine what is making it die, maybe its a bad connection in the White wire where it joins the battery terminal. I wonder if someone changed the factory setup around the fusible links.. So the alty connects to the battery but not through the fusible link, although even then the alty charge wire should stay on the terminal when you lift it off..
  21. I already test it with multimeter and i got 14.5v reading on engine running..My altenator is new.. It happen when i install push start button.. But whenever i disconnect the battery the engine dies.. Could it be the push start button failure..
  22. Actually- how long has you owned the car and driven it?? Was everything working fine for the last 6months??
  23. How do you know its charging?? Put a multimeter across the terminals and read the voltage. Usually 11.5 to 12V, then start it and see. It should read about 13 to 13.5volts with a few revs on the engine. There must be a wiring fault if the alty DOES work but the motor stops when you take a terminal off. The charge from the alty isn't getting to the ECU, a strange problem.
  24. Thanks for for helping me solve the problem. But now i have another problem.. My altenator is charging but whenever i pull the battrey terminal the engine will stop running.. Iam using 4age 16v
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  26. Maybe... taking the fuses & relays out and in usually scrapes the dirt away so they still get a good contact. You could check with a $10 multimeter and a spade connector to push into the slots. The top left one looks definitely rusty, can you sandpaper or scrape it clean? Can you get another one to try?
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