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  2. Reserve lifted may mean that it has actually hit the reserve mark by that point, but the seller/agent has decided to remove the reserve (think of it as "lifting" a restriction) in a way of sparking further interest rather than waiting for the reserve to actually be met (sometimes bidding will peter out before meeting the reserve as people lose interest not knowing how high the reserve floor is). You'll see it a lot with house auctions, agents/auctioneers will notice that buyers are losing interest before the reserve is met and will pause/halt the auction to confer with the seller to see if they want to stick to their original reserve and possibly let the auction "pass in", ie not meet the reserve and there is no obligation to sell to the highest bidder (but there is the option for private negotiation afterwards) or if they want to lift the reserve and the auction then becomes "absolute" (ie it _will_ sell to the highest legitimate bid) Not sure of the legalities, but increasing the reserve price once an auction has started would be incredibly unethical.
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  4. Slow ! You bet. In another life, I worked in the highlands of PNG, for a rural supply company. It was mainly coffee production in that area. The company supplied me an FJ55 wagon, company vehicle, like the following . . Actually, it was exactly the same colour scheme as this one above, but was battered & constantly dirty, as there wasn't a sealed road in sight, & the rainfall & mud were constant, in that part of the world. The FJ55 was as rough as guts to drive. A 4 hour trip in it, made you feel like you'd been in a milkshake machine. However, they were unbelievably reliable, & just never stopped. I used to regularly cross rivers with the water just over the windscreen wipers. We achieved this by carrying a great big sheet of plastic coffee film, used to place on the ground, to dry coffee. We used to lift the bonnet, tuck it in over the radiator, & close the lid. The plastic film was then tucked in under the bumper bar, so that it covered the grill & radiator completely. You'd then run at the river, & hit the water hard, so you created a bow wave, which if you kept it moving, didn't allow the water up too high in the engine bay. Worked most of the time. If it didn't work, there was always a rope in the back, & a lot of locals to help. Cheers Banjo
  5. Something cool about transfer case instructions prominently shown. sort of a "this car means business" sign. 30yr old 6clr diesel non turbo. damn i bet that is slow! haha
  6. So the Corolla sold last night, & today another Toyota pops up on Collecting Cars auction site. Not a Corolla, but a 33 year olde Toyota Landcruiser with just 36,486 klms on the clock. https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1988-toyota-land-cruiser-cab-chassis-pickup First bid just popped up, @ $ 3,500. And for those of you who are still jealous that Colin has had a drive of the Yaris GR, then you must watch this video, to understand what all the fuss is about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rr1eJJhnsLQ&feature=emb_rel_end Cheers Banjo
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  8. Steve bought a Yaris as soon as they were announced, I haven't seen it yet. I'd love to know how it feels against his Dad's Focus RS! I saw one in Orange yesterday, a damm ugly car especially around the rear corners. Somehow looks bent or broken, or maybe some extra bits were tacked on as an afterthought.. The Corolla was a good buy, I'm hoping I get more for my Datsun 1600 when I finally get around to finishing it.
  9. not the prettiest car on the road, but the interior isn't bad. And it's a proper manual!!
  10. i was just looking at that Yaris. Might have to go and have a look at one in the metal.
  11. There were 9 more bids in the final hours of this auction, & it eventually was won, by a bid of $ 12,750. Hope the new owner is very happy, & joins our forum, so we can learn what the plans are for it. Cheers Banjo
  12. $12750, plus buyers premium which I see is a minimum of $1000.
  13. There is a note on the auction website today as follows . . . Anyone know what "Reserve Lifted" means ? It sounds like it had a reserve of $ 10K on it, & as it has surpassed that mark, the reserve has been met. However, could it mean, that the reserve has been increased/lifted; & if it doesn't reach that newer/higher amount, the highest bidder does not necessarily win the auction ? Cheers Banjo P.S. Just got an email from Collecting Cars, with link to the website that advised, & answered my query as follows. NO RESERVE
  14. I think it will be quite the cult classic that car. super cool. Maybe i should put my nice shirt on and turn up at a toyota dealership and take one for a spin. Hey why I havent i thought of that before. I see the auction has cracked the 10k mark with 3hrs to go....
  15. You could get yourself in soooo much trouble in that car, licence wise. One of the quickest cars I've been in for a long time, not just in acceleration but also cornering. So refreshing to drive something that is powerful and light.
  16. Hi Colin, More info please. Review, impressions. You've done something most of us mere mortals will never get to try. The 1979 Corolla, which was the subject of this thread, just broke the $ 10K mark today. There has been a doubling of the number of bids today. 11 this morning. 21 tonight. There is still 24 hours to go. Watch this space ! The Rolla is now assured a selling price of at least 3 times, what it was worth new 42 years ago. That's a lot of years to wait to triple your money/investment. If you had invested $ 3000 for 42 years ago at 5% annual compound interest, & never touched it, it would now return you $ 24K. We'll have to get the new owner to join this forum; but then, in the condition the Rolla is in, he/she won't need much assistance. Cheers Banjo
  17. was lucky enough to take one for a spin at work. So want one...
  18. Hi Dave, Litchfield apparently think the "hype", is warranted. https://www.litchfieldmotors.com/toyota/gr-yaris/ No ! Go the full hog; aim for a WRC 21 version. OMG ! They can even levitate ! Cheers Keith
  19. Seems like 90% of those GRs went to "influences". You've got to build that hype! I have seen 2 of them out in the wild though. One in Ipswich and one on the highway half way between Ipswich and Brisbane. Ill take a GR yarris with the suit of Litchfield upgrades attached please.
  20. Hi Pete, I read recently, that a proportion of the sales of the new Yaris GR Rallye, were for investors, just snapping them up, for investment, as they believe, being a limited edition, the car will be most sought after, within a few short years, & achieve that "extremely desired classic" tag, that we know exists with say the AE86 Series. https://practicalmotoring.com.au/car-news/hot-toyota-gr-yaris-rallye-launches/ I've read a few of the early reviews of motoring journalists, who have driven them, & it does sound like it is a winner. You just need somewhere, between $49K & $59K, depending on what month you purchased it. Apparently, there is a waiting list. Cheers Banjo
  21. $7250 now with 2 days to go. There’s also a 6% buyers commission. That’s a bit of a lurk. Well hopefully it will get driven and stay in Melbourne, rather than stuck away in storage somewhere. I friend of mine has an essentially nil mileage TA23 he just has stored away. Although he does have a Ferrari 308 and an RT Charger amongst other interesting things That do get driven. He gets first look at things as he works in the trade. Some years back he sent an auto KE15 to Shannon’s unreserved and it only went for about $1200 to a guy who gave it to his daughter as a first car. That idea just fills me with horror.
  22. Hi Pete, It now Sunday night, with 3 days to go, & there have been 9 off bids, & it's up to $ 6.5K. It struck me that is about double the price this car sold for, when it was brand new. I had a KE35 2 door coupe once, which I bought off a girl next door, where I was renting. First weekend, I cleaned it from top to bottom, (inside), as she used to cart her cats around in it. In the back of the glove box, I found all the original paperwork, including the original receipt of sale, when it was new, which indicated it sold for a tad over $3K, off memory. Cheers Banjo.
  23. How many drivers are there on the road. How many of them have the remotest interest in "old" cars. Not many as a proportion. When my 18yo son was in the market for a car, I made sure he ended up in a current model Mazda 3. I don't really like driving it, a very sterile experience. But it has every safety feature you could ever dream of, and that's what both of us do like. There have been a couple of occasions in year one where it has automatically braked and saved him from an accident. Money very well spent. And to think my AE86 is now worth close to the same as his Mazda? Most people could not understand it. I know which one makes me smile whenever I drive it. But I also know which one he (and I) would prefer him to be driving.
  24. Note it is up to $6.2K Sunday morning, 28th Feb.2021. Would not be surprised if it got up as high as $15K, if the right person, somewhere in the world, really wants it. There was a case many years ago, when I was looking for a "similar state" Corolla of the 70s vintage. I came across one on ebay, & starting bidding. It was at Port Macquarie, NSW; original, one lady owner, low mileage. You know the score. I had it in the bag, until the last 15 minutes of the auction, where another new bidder joined the fray. I played the game & thought I had it, but was pipped/nipped in the last few seconds, before the auction closed. As an ebay bidder, you are able to see after the event, the details of the other bidders. To cut a long story short, this winning bidder was an international car buyer/broker. After the auction, the car got transported to The Netherlands ! There is a lot of interest in the following journalistic contribution on Caradvice.com.au website atm. https://www.caradvice.com.au/919581/old-cars-belong-in-museums/ The article itself is one thing; the replies & answers below are also a good read. It's a topic that will resonate, with many on this forum. Cheers Banjo
  25. Sure is a good one,i often wonder how many are left out there in this sort of condition. nice find banjo,got 7k laying around ha ha
  26. why wasn't it a coupe 😞
  27. Oh and one not so little thing. That ain't no mini Bic!
  28. More little things. Before... After.... New straight full chrome bar, polished the Smokey headlights and new indicator/park lens'....
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