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  2. AE93 SX parts car, Don't have any updated photos as it's sitting way down the back yard, but all the brakes and interior, wing, front end etc went onto my AE94.
  3. Thought I would share my project build from the past 3 years. Owned it for 5 years but been off the road for 3 years getting a whole heap of stuff done. Although, I have lost interest in it now and looking at selling it soon to make a jump towards my dream car, a KE38 Corolla. 😍 Alright it's a 1999 Subaru Forester GT Luxury, so it has the full leather and moonroof. Engine: EJ205 VF34 turbo Front mount intercooler silicone inlet with K&N POD filter STI 550CC injectors Raceworks 255LPH pump Turbosmart Eboost2 Electronic boost controller XForce Turbo back exhaust Exedy clutch Suspension, Steering & Brakes: Tein Coilovers Whiteline adjustable rear sway bar with HD mounts Whiteline camber bolts GC8 WRX steering rack with Whiteline rack and pinion bushes WRX 4 pot front brakes Interior: GD WRX leather front seats Turbosmart boost gauge on the pillar Eboost2 mounted in the centre console to hide it from the popo. 😅 Wheels: 18x9 +25 Cosmis MR7's 225/40r18 cheapo tyres Exterior: Custom 2002 Subaru Outback front bumper Hella Sharptone horns Modified headlights 35% tint all round Engine bay painted Ford Blue Clear side indicators
  4. Owner: Daniel Username: RAT_SECA Location: Queensland, Australia Vehicle Name: .. Vehicle Model: AE94 Body Shape (# Doors): Liftback Date Made: ? VIN: 6T164AE9409641496 Colour: Factory silver, Now blue Engine: 4AFE
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  6. I had a look at the ratios on the j160 from the altezza. The 6th is actually shorter than w57 5th which seems like a wasted gear. Youd still need a tallish diff ratio.
  7. Be careful when buying parts for your Japanese built Corolla. I lost the plastic roof channel strip somewhere down the Calder Freeway (here in Melbourne AU), and went to buy a replacement. I didn't check the part and turns out that they gave me a South African part and it was around 2 cm too long and didn't fit my Levin Hatch!
  8. Not sure if we can still get a name change but could I change mine to T04S7R_AE9X Cheers!
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  10. Much appreciated for the tutorial lesson. I will try and assimilate all that info, and hopefully my neanderthal brain can make some sense of the coding terminology. Now that you mention, the 'F'.. I remember now, thats the economy version. I used to have a 1.8 7afe in a celica, economy head, and another celica, with a 2.0 3sge, performance head. I've heard people say that rs200 box is hard to get hold of, here in England, but I will have a look, and see. It's possibly more expensive than my car, haha. I see what you're saying now, about the cold side starter. Away from the exhaust
  11. Typically Toyota rngine codes are as follows. eg 4AGE: 4 - 4th design revision, A - Engine Series, G - Wide valve performance design head typically from Yamaha, E - EFI eg 3SGE: 3 - 3rd design revision of S Engine, G- Performance Head, E - EFI. eg 4AFE: 4 the revision of A engine, F - Narrow angle valve layout for economy, E - EFI. A T later in the name means turbo, Like in 3SGTE - So thats 3rd revion of S engine, with performance head, turbo, and efi. Dont confuse this with the earlier series of Engines, the T engines, eg 3TC, 3TGTE which is the 3rd T engine desin with a carb or turbo efi respectively. Over time they added more codes for more features. A Z Later on in the name typically refers to a supercharger, eg 4AGZE. It gets weirder the later the motor, with most Toyota engines now featuring two letter model designations, Like UZ, ZZ, AZ, NZ, MZ, VZ, GR, GZ, JZ etc, and these typically are just engines produced after a certain date, but it gets confusing when they reuse letters that used to mean SC in the engine codes. Some new tech that came out got different designations in the name, for example, an gernerator tuned engine that a hybrid uses is Usually designated with an X, For example the camry hybrid 2AZFXE. The direct Injection motors are S designated, for example 2GRFSE. If thats all clear as mud then factor in how enhusiasts like to build and name their own combos, from which weve seen things like the 1.5JZ, for the man who wants more power but wont upgrade turbo, heads and manfolds on his 1JZ build, or the 7age, Which is the 1.8A 4AF engine with the GE head. This is extra confusing with the 4age aftermarket, because an original takao special 7ag is just specific build of 4a 1600 that revs super high, but a later enthusiast will think its 1.8 litres. So yeah long answer to what should have been a simple question. Heres a pic of the Beams 6 speed, the starter is in a good spot at least at first glance its on the inlet side of the engine, so if its in the right spot compared to the block you could do what I have done and just chop away some extra block and give yourself the clearance you need. To be honest, a 6 speed would be a nice addition because it has the power to highway drive an ae86 at 1800rpm but it does 2900 at 100kph. Even with a 3.58 rear end gearset. You could run 3.9 or 4.1 gears and be perfectly happy with it, and make the engine haul the IS body around a bit more spritely when youre not in overdrive. To clarify my comments, the 6 cylinder G engine in the Altezza shares the pattern with the older T engine, which makes your transmission an upgrade for older corolla and celica platform cars, E and A chassis codes, that had a T engine. So thats who could use your box aside from an altezza G engine owner. I'd suggest to offload the G box and swap it for the S pattern 6 speed from the RS200 altezza, and then the 2azfe would at least connect to the box thats in the car, and you can start investigating clearances for inlet, exhaist, steering, crossmembers etc.
  12. Are you taking about the Japanese version of the is200? The Altezza, with the 3sge engine. I think the starter motor is on the opposite side. When you say G pattern, is that the first letter after the number ? 1'G'-FE you mean ? So the 2az-fe, is 'A' pattern, if I'm right ? Sorry to sound ignorant, I'm a vauxhall man myself, and don't know what the engines codes stand for. I only know the 'T' stands for turbo. Same with Nissan I believe 25DE'T' for instance.
  13. Hello, thanks for reading. As far as I know the Toyota G engine pattern is shared with the old T engine, making your gearbox ideal upgrade for an older corolla or carina with 3tgte etc. The best option for a 2azfe would be a beams 6 speed, and custom flywheel to make it work. As far as I know the beams 6 speed has the desireable cold side starter, but Id have to see one to confirm, but being S pattern the dowels will centre the box correctly and you might just need to drilll and tap a few holes.
  14. I was going to try this but I'm in Canada and these cars are super rare here actually hahaha
  15. Stock springs are probably free from your local wrecker... I know there are a couple lying around at the wreckers here just waiting to get crushed.
  16. Hey guys, I recently just purchased an 81 Corona and it came with the springs cut. The car is in great shape but I'm too worried to drive it the way it's sitting. I've read on here that T3 AE86 Coilovers work on the XT130 chassis but I'm not sure which ones to purchase. I've also heard they don't fit. I'm not an experienced enough welder to get the weld-ons that are sold for the XT130. Appreciate your time
  17. Great project mate. I've scanned through the whole thing, over the last 2 weeks. Lots of work done. Can you help me with some info please, if poss. I have a 2az-fe, and I'm thinking about fitting it into a lexus is200. Pull the heavy 6 cyl. Iron block out, for a lightweight 4 cyl. Aluminium engine, with an extra 400cc, pretty much the same sort of thing you've done on yours. Any idea if the 2az-fe, will bolt onto the J160 gearbox in the is200 ? That car has a 1G-FE engine. I've searched Google loads, but can't find any info on gearbox bolt pattern measurements, to see if its shares dimensions.
  18. Whats the reason for using the 4k distributor? The 7k one is electronic and a better unit
  19. altezzaclub


    Its an excellent idea, they make no noise as they never come on and release more bhp for the wheels as there is no parasitic drag. You will need a radiator hose fitting or similar to carry a thermoswitch, a fan, (I get mine from the wrecker) a relay and I included an LED to show it is on and a manual switch on the dash. You'll have to make your own brackets to mount whatever fan you get, and if you want to do a lot of work you can mount the relay inside the KE70 box, or just put a relay beside the radiator. I'll draw up a wiring diagram- hang on.. With the K motor I had a thermoswitch in the thermostat housing. When I fitted a 4AGE I went to a separate t'switch housing in the radiator hose. https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/saas-water-temperature-gauge-adapter---aluminium-34mm-radiator-hose/525639.html Pick a thermoswitch from the Tridon manual, they open at various temperatures and have varies wiring setups. I used a TFS 111 and we've used a similar one with two wires. https://www.tridon.com.au/products/Tridon/35/483/switches-and-sensors/2014/thermo-fan-switches Don't forget to have the radiator hose adapter fit the diameter of your hose, (modern cars are smaller) and the thermoswitch must fit the thread in the adapter or the 4K t'stat housing. Ok, wired like this- Permanent power to the relay on the switched positive, so make sure this is a bulletproof wire as its always live. You could put a 30amp inline fuse in it. It goes to the fan from the output side of the relay and the fan goes to earth. Ignition power to the switching side positive of the relay, it powers the relay switch when you turn the key on. The output side of the relay switch goes to the thermoswitch, and nothing happen until the water hits 95deg. At that point the 'normally open" thermoswitch closes, power flows from the relay switch through the thermoswitch to earth, and the relay turns on. Then the alty power runs the fan and goes to earth. The manual switch is an option, I flick it on at roadworks when I'm on a trip at 100kph as I can get cooling the radiator before it hits 95deg. In theory, not needed. The fan is only needed up to about 25kph, as airflow is then greater, so it only does anything when you're sitting still in traffic.
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    Hi guys I would like to fit an electric fan into my KE70 1.3 4k corolla but I'm not sure where to start, and I would like to know that will it be a wise move or not?
  21. Hello everyone, Sorry to revive such an ancient thread, but I was looking for manuals for my 4K KE70. Thanks for the electrical diagram! Can someone help me get the other manuals? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
  22. Please contact me. Send me a text ! 850.693.6099
  23. That's the best I can give you there buddy. From my 79 Corolla.
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  25. Shame. Would have been an easy fix. I'll take a look when I'm down there next just in case.
  26. part number didn't crossover when i checked toyodiy
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