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  2. Not sure what diff. I’m in Australia if that helps. Probably borg Warner
  3. The exterior looks very clean.
  4. Wtf haha does it actually work any good, please explain the whole process and everything you can say about the build ..seems legit lol
  5. Ran 225/60R13 on a 6" rim on the rear of my KE35 with only a lip roll. Had no rubbing issues at all. The biggest I got under the rear of a KE20 was a 205.
  6. For which diff? Borg Warner. Its called a BW68. Nothing seems available. If you have a T diff there's midget racecars in us that use T series Zenki, and have mini spools available.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Hey people just wondering if there is such thing as a mini spool for a ke70 diff or a way to lock it that is stronger then welded
  9. Hi...u have digital meter for sale
  10. Pete, by "too big" do you mean too wide, as the diameter is only 13"? I am trying to achieve the appearance of the orange car in altezzaclub's reply above in my KE20. Maybe I just need to stick with my current 5J wheels and try some spacers for a similar effect and see if the tyres rub, though I did not really want to use spacers.
  11. No,it's not,for example for my modified 3K I paid almost 1000 euros.I'm going to rebuild 2K by myself
  12. Last week
  13. Now I'm having a 3K in the car,but i'm planning to get the 2K engine rebuild,I just need new bearings both rod and crank,a new head,cause unfortunately the one I had cracked from somewhere,a new head gasket and new piston rings!Plus a 3K head to mil it down about 2mm and it should be fine!All that will cost to me almost 150 euros,not so much,but now i'm working on my modified 3K
  14. You also have a 4runner? Nice!
  15. This is what I have done. Put mine on the other side for the room and it seemed to give a better flow of exhaust
  16. Turns out the toyota gasket is just two little donuts. I guess I need to buy the subaru gasket and see if it is a match, which would save a lot of time since these flanges are readily available.
  17. Why not just buy a gasket to use as I template and have a ladder cutting place cut you one? I've done this before with other exhaust flanges and even the copper em30 group buy I once organised.
  18. Hello people, On my 5K, am planning to run a cast-iron exhaust manifold with the dual-downpipe exit. This has a 3-bolt attachment, whose flange looks just like the one for a Subaru EJ20 (but I don't know if it is the same). Does anyone have a source for the Toyota flange in stainless? Or has anyone made a drawing pattern of it? Having a hell of a time finding the subaru flange dimensions to compare, or even the toyota gasket dimensions. (My van, but not my actual paint job)
  19. I am sure there other brands out there it was more the concept of it. All I know is that it saved me having to change the instrument cluster for another 39 year old instrument cluster.
  20. They can buy a new window reg but its 3 weeks plus ex Japan so Im just waiting for that to come in. Drove to Goldy with a mate in this and played Royal Pines Gold Course twice. Bloody top weekend. Car went good. Put it onto closed loop, and it went nice and smooth. Only issue was its so low I'm about 20mm off the bump stops. Add in the spare, basic tools, two golf bags, luggage and two dudes, and you find you dont really have suspension. That said, I found it really cruisy and comfy on the highway.
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