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  1. ckjag

    Ke26 4 Door Project.

    Hey mate that's going to be one clean "26!! Hope the seats are an easy fit for ya. Cheers Chris
  2. ckjag

    [Sa] Summer Cruise

    I'm keen for a cruise, I've got a ke10 which ive just got on the road. Would be good to take it on a cruise with other rolla's
  3. ckjag

    Ke10 Door Glass

    Hi, I'm looking for a ke10 drivers door glass, will pay good money for a descent glass. Thanks Chris
  4. Yeah all good to post, let me know how much for post and glass. Cheers Chris 0419959955
  5. Hey mate, do you have a drivers door glass??
  6. ckjag

    Ke10 Tie Rod Ends And Bushes

    Hey picked up some fine thread tierod ends yesterday from sprint auto parts. You can still get em but only shelf stock left, can still order corse thread 1s. It was a surprise to find these still avalible.cheers
  7. ckjag

    New Sa/adelaide Members - Post Here First

    Hi all, My name is Chris located in the adelaide hills. I have a ke10 which I'm cleaning up. Still in the painting stage at the moment. Has 4k and k50 5speed trying to post pics but they are too big, ive put some up in the gallery Cheers