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  1. Not quite all from the horse's mouth, All the fella at Toyota could give me was "only one belt listed for that VIN" So I had to ask, "what is the Toyota number?" As his data didn't specify No. of teeth. Armed with the genuine number I looked at over 2 x dozen 'net suppliers before I could safely say it's the longer one. Proof will be in the pudding when I tackle the job I suppose. I'll let you know then if it's right or if I have to get the other damn belt ! Cheers, Mudgy
  2. OK, had a chat with a Toyota spares guy today, it's a 117 tooth x 21mm belt. Toyota part number for the belt only is 13568-19046. Dayco part number for the whole timing belt kit is KTBA015. comes with: Qty Part 1 Timing Belt (Part Number: 94289) 1 Timing Belt Tensioner (Part Number: KT32) 1 Timing Belt Spring (Part Number: 85801) 1 Timing Belt Spring (Part Number: 85803) 1 Oil Seal kit - 3 seals (Part Number: KS04) 1 Dayco Timing Belt Sticker Timing Belt Part 94289 Timing Belt Teeth 117 Teeth Timing Belt Width 21.00mm wide Timing Belt Profile CYH Timing Belt Compound HSN compound with single tooth fabric cover Timing Belt Construction Description This tooth profile (CYH) was developed to further increase resistance to tooth jump, particularly in transmission systems with small engine shaft diameters. It can also be used on pulleys of different design. Timing Belt Tooth pitch 8.0mm Timing Belt Tooth width 5.2mm Timing Belt Tooth height 3.0mm Timing Belt Construction code 117SHP+211H Timing Belt Profile diagram Timing Belt Tensioner x 1 Part: KT32 Timing Belt Spring x 1 Part: 85801 Timing Belt Spring x 1 Part: 85803 Seal Kit x 1 Thanks to all who chimed in. Cheers, Mudgy
  3. Mudgy

    Home made Sheet metal welding clamps

    Hi Bruce, 1mm gap. 1937 Dodge hot rod. Mig for tacks, then oxy butt weld & planish/smooth after. Floors, boot, rear inner guards, dash, they'll get some use. Cheers, Mudgy
  4. Hi Rollaclub, here's something I made by hand a few years ago. If any of you are into radio controlled cars, you'll like this one. 44cc Chainsaw, hand made pipe, ported clamshell, shimmed & balanced crank, a heap of bits'n pieces re-purposed to make a large beast. Cheers, Mudgy
  5. G'day all, I made 10 x clamps for butt welding sheet metal today. Just bits'n'pieces lying about, so cost really was zero. Cheers, Mudgy
  6. Mudgy

    Homemade Seat Foam

    Nice work. An electric knife works well on sponge foam. Agreed, higher density is much nicer for a firm seat. Cheers, Mudgy
  7. Thanks mate, I'll have to do that. I had reservations about a 21mm belt if damaged measures less when inspected. Probably thinking too much. Oil change is about 1,000kms away, so it will be done earlier than expected. Once I find out I'll let you know. BTW I was cruising ebay for belt kits, and the same year model & engine size had both kinds of belt with a note to check No. of teeth. Cheers, Mudgy
  8. Hi All, I was doing a bit of service work on my Daughter's Corolla today (new fan belts) After replacing these, I started it, and inspected all rotating assemblies. The harmonic balancer may be shot as it creeps away a few mm from the engine as I increase the revs. The A/C belt was missing, and the ALT + water pump belt was damaged; which made me take a good look, and ask "why". So, the harmonic balancer pulley is a job for another weekend. This has prompted me into looking around for timing belts/belt kits, as that part is so close to replacement I may as well do it while I'm getting stuck into the Harmonic Balancer job. After looking about, I can't tell if I have a 94 tooth x 19mm timing belt, or a 117 tooth x 21mm belt without pulling it all apart. AE 101R model, built Feb 1998 (100 series) 4A - FE engine 1.6ltr twin cam. How do I tell which timing belt I need to get? Cheers, Mudgy
  9. Mudgy

    Little Red Rolla - Ke10 Build

    Very nice !! Can you tell me- is your KE10 from 1966 or 1967? The dash is the same as my old the one... but I can't remember my boot lid (trunk) looking like that. Cheers
  10. Mudgy

    Hello - New Here

    Thanks mate, I really wish I still had this car. To think of the value of it these days has me kicking myself.
  11. Mudgy

    Hello - New Here

    Edit - Just found out, maybe this was a '66 model. Had the thin dash, protruding instruments cluster, no door lock buttons, rather lever on the door trim itself. Anyone care to share differences between '66,'67, and '68/'69 models????
  12. Mudgy

    How To Tell If I Have Abs

    ABS sensors are like a proxy switch. At the wheel side of the CV shafts, look for a metal daisy wheel that rotates past a sensor switch (cylindrical type of sensor) The disc has slots that pass by the sensor. This allows the computer to "see" pulses. Under brakes (brake light switch on, speed sensor "seeing" road speed) if the pulses disappear (brakes locked up) then the ECU will allow the modulator(the box with brake lines coming out of it) to regulate the braking pressure. This is a simple principle that applies to al vehicles with anti brake skid systems (ABS). Cheers Mudgy
  13. Mudgy

    4K Distributor Not Sparking Properly

    Is the cap on right? (ie cap tab is in the dizzy's notch?) Does it sit flat?Possibly an advance weight has come loose after the hi revs. Look under the advance plate there usually are 2 x weights on the shaft.I once had an ol HB torana towed in to me, the weights had broken their tension springs, and acted like a pipe cutter, taking the whole top off the dizzy.
  14. Hello - they look awesome! In your 4th photo there's the other body, do you have a shot of that on its own? They look bigger than 1/4 scale if the wheels are go kart ones? you can maybe gauge it's scale and maybe even their $ value here... cheers
  15. Mudgy

    Hello - New Here

    Hello rollaclub My name's Mudgy, found this site quite by accident. Unfortunately, I don't have my KE 10 anymore, I sold it to my apprentice back in 1993 - 94. It was a '67 sedan white, '71 discs+struts, '67 sprinter grille (red badge) '80 or '81 5 speed, formuling steering wheel, steering column was hard chromed to take a needle bearing instead of a bush in the ol slush box, Galant front seats, (I think it was a 77 galant), XB mirrors with Escort spacer/stand-offs, the right one was from a Fairlane - even had the little silver joystick!! 4Kuc motor with old model head, SS exh, twin 45mm DCOE side draught webers, (can't remember the inlet manifold - I think it was Cain?) Damn I wish I still had it. Back in '91, I managed to get new door rubbers, sill plates, windscreen rubbers, the whole catastrophe. A mate did the head lining in grey velour when I painted it peak white in 1989. Also had Mazda 626 steelies so I could use 13" tyres (the last of the RWD 626's) My brother had a red wagon - same age, same mods, except he had some alloys. They went like stink for a little car, and stopped ok too. Here's a photo of it in 1992 parked in what is today my lounge room. Had to sell the ol' girl, and the missus' 76 wagon, to make way for a VP commodore. Oh well, it was good to reminisce. I'll see if I can find some old photos of the red wagon, and the missus' blue one. Great cars, always were. Cheers Mudgy