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    i live for my ealry KE's
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  1. PMP020


    Thankfully SKE030 has a mate that lives around the corner from me so i get my does of Corolla Eye Candy quite often :) SKE030 being the green KE30 2 door that is absolutely beautiful !!! Cheers, Scott
  2. That manifold is a work of art !!! Well played Sir !! Cheers, Scott
  3. PMP020


    Very glad to hear SUS100 is still around and being used as it should. As most old corolla's it has changed hands many many times over the past 10+ years. Spotted OKE038, that ol' chest nut gets around, Brighton Rd, South Rd. Props for daily use, even my parents see it around Hallett Cove. My love has rubbed off on them. Cheers, Scott
  4. PMP020


    Spotted Nick in his 26 pulling into Marion shopping centre on Thursday afternoon. Holy hell that things makes me miss my wagon !!!!! You're on a winner Nicko !!! Cheers, Scott
  5. PMP020

    V8 Corolla

    That happened. Gus you need to fill us in on this build !!!! Fresh for Summernats. Found this also :o Cheers, Scott
  6. PMP020

    My 2 Rt40S

    Tight Tight Tight !!!!
  7. The first KE26 to have legimate venetians!!!! I always wanted them for mine but couldn't justify the price to get them measured and made. They look fantastic Nick!!!! Well Done.
  8. PMP020


    Price Drop $40 ono Cheers, Scott
  9. PMP020


    Spotted the WAGN mobile. I think it was Wednesday morning on Brighton Rd, Seacliff. Such a tidy KE20. And again on the expressway heading south on Friday afternoon. Cheers, Scott
  10. PMP020


    In the famous words of The B.E.P's "Where is the love?" Cheers, Scott
  11. I found these while cleaning out the shed. OK condition, they are intact but very brittle. I held onto them as they are extremely rare and KE26 specific. $20 ono Happy to post at buyers expense. Cheers, Scott
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