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  1. Ahhhh damn! Sorry to bring that whole terrible memory back for you. I feel like I need to lock my replacement one in some sort of vault to ensure it doesn't happen to me again. My extreme ocd was unable to live with it broken off on the last one.
  2. This made my day also. This is quite an interesting discussion. Pricing is driven by supply and demand as with all things. As a friend of mine regularly says........ "just because something is rare does not make it desirable"...... and that could not be more true when discussing J-Tin. My Stout is super rare for example, but what's it worth.... Nothing. As mentioned above, J-Tin lovers and collectors are genuine car enthusiasts, not investors. The thing that has ruined the classic car market as far as pricing is investors. There are a lot of people buying up old Fords, Holdens and more recently Valiants as an investment. You have the rich people that accumulate a warehouse full of assorted classics from different manufacturers, but there are also a heap of people that buy one because they like the "idea" of having it and going along to the odd event where they can have a coffee and talk about world events with other people that are also not enthusiasts and don't know a lot about their cars. They know it's a safe investment because they will at least get their money back or possibly more if they need to free up some cash. As also mentioned above, most people are sheep. They like Mustangs because everyone else likes Mustangs, they drive Commodores or Falcons because everyone else drives Commodores or Falcons and they aspire to own a '69 Camaro or a '57 Chev because guess what.... that's what everyone else wants. In Australia Japanese cars were hated. They were considered cheap and nasty and let's not forget... the Japanese bombed Darwin. To my grandfather's era, that was enough to black ban all Japanese cars from the family. In 1965 for example, my parents went to my grandfather and told him they were going to buy an Isuzu Bellett. My grandfather stopped them and instead made them buy a Mk1 Cortina. People that did buy J-tin in the 60's couldn't sell them for much secondhand because no-one wanted them and most of them ended up in the crusher or in paddocks on large country properties to be picked over by future generations hoping to find that rare part they are missing for their restoration. Anyway, in more recent years J-Tin pricing has started to increase for certain makes and models. Datsuns generally seem to have trended upward with the hero models fetching stupid money. Early Corollas have jumped up on the back of what I like to call "the drift phenomenon" where AE86's became ridiculously popular and unaffordable and people were forced into more affordable E'sevs and then became interested in the history of the Corolla. I would love another KE10 but I can no longer justify the price they are fetching. Anyway..... I don't know what my point was and I've gone on a bit of a brain dump for which I apologise....... but I agree with what others have said. Owning a rare Japanese car is itself the reward. You have it because you're an enthusiast, but in the current climate it's not going to make you money unless it's one of the hero Datsuns or an original rotor Mazda. I admire you sweave65 for restoring cars even knowing you will not make money out of them. It keeps more of them circulating which is good for everyone. It's not easy these days to find people that take pride in their work. I wish you were local to me. I'd probably get you to work on my cars and do my re-tiling for me.
  3. Mate this car blows my tiny little mind and makes me 100% regret selling my white '67. Congrats on the trophy and props for all the hard work and dedication. I love that you've painted the engine all to look factory too. Also.... just a tip..... don't break one of the wing mirrors off your Ebbro model and sell it cheap on eBay thinking it will be easy to get a replacement one. It took me a long time and far too much money to replace mine after it mysteriously lost a mirror.
  4. Agreed. Forums have been ruined for several years now. I used to be quite active on heaps of different forums but they are all dead. I don't even have F*c*book because I refuse to conform but for that reason I miss out on a great deal of car stuff.
  5. Ah okay maybe I have seen it before. Looks pretty neat for sure.
  6. Nice! I don't recall ever seeing this around. Perhaps fairly new to SA?
  7. Okay.... I'm not real bright with this sort of thing. I want to put chrome wheel nuts/lugs on my Stout. How do I work out what size I need? I've been looking at them on eBay...... but it seems there are a lot of different sizes.
  8. Impressive! Did he try to sell you goji berry products while he was doing the walls? Hehe... or whatever the natural product thing was that he used to be involved with. Great guy though. His daughter used to roll a pretty nice old beemer with triple walls in 3 different colours.
  9. Big fan of this rig. Also, it's good to know that Derryl is still Derylling about town. I haven't done walls on anything in a long time!
  10. Same here. Drooled over this at AJD but didn't realise it was yours. I should have known. Classy as!
  11. Hi Richard, these spats are the genuine article. I wish I had kept them along with the windshield visor. Hopefully I will have another Mk1 Corty some day.
  12. Totally agree. Owning a KE10, TA22 and a TE27 is a very impressive effort.
  13. What a gem! I hope you plan to keep it all original.
  14. Chobis


    Last night (Tuesday), just before 6pm turning right off Pulteney Street onto Grenfell Street, I spotted a yellow KE2*. Can't tell you any moire than that. Only spotted the front in the rear view mirror. Could have been a 20, 25, 26.... really don't know.
  15. You definitely don't live in Adelaide!
  16. I could sell my house and move into the spare room in that back wheel arch!
  17. OH................ MY................................ GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bounce: That is absolutely awesome dude. Great work!
  18. Chobis


    Yeh they've always got a fairly good supply of classics in there. As far as Datto's they've got two 1200 Ute's and that bizarro 1600 Limo at the moment I think.
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