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  1. Daily driver with many battle scars. I've had it for a bunch of years and it has variously been lowered, weber'd etc but it's completely stock these days. It was a daily driver until recently when the motor gave up the ghost. Symptoms indicate that a blown head gasket is the most likely problem. It's still driveable but not long term. The chassis has 300,000+ km on it, but the motor has already been replaced once (at $50, a new secondhand motor was cheaper than a set of gaskets!). I installed Jaycar high energy ignition kits on all my old cars, and this one has one. Brilliant!! never need to adjust points! Let's call it a kill switch .. you can just see it nestled in where the radio was.I'll include a spare motor I bought a few years ago for this very occasion .. I was told that it had "recently ish" had new rings etc. It will swap straight over but I have neither the time nor the inclination these days. I will include all the spares/bits I've accumulated through the years .. from memory: 32 DIR weber downdraft complete with adapter plate for the 4AC (this was a pretty decent mod) Two 32/36 weber downdrafts - one was part way through a rebuild before something else became a higher priority. OEM carb that "most likely" works okay (I don't remember whether I've actually ever used it). Short stroke rear shocks + a complete set of chopped springs from, when I was working out what would be a good rate/length. I always intended to get Industrial Springs to make me some custom ones based on these as they're damn near perfect for a well handling but stull useful AE71. The bits that can be seen missing from the dash in the photos. Various other bits and pieces .. there's a spare head complete with rocker cover, cam, a distributor, a couple of distributor caps etc I'll most likely remove the headunit and parcel shelf speakers before it goes, so they're not included in the price. Currently registered until 7th June. It'll also go on gumtree in the next couple of days. cheers
  2. Sorry... wrong time of the year to remember to pay attention to forums! Louvre: ooh .. $20? I'm actually away tomoz for a week or so .. plenty of time to think it over :)
  3. haven't been here in a while ... still have the AE71 hack, but it's time to clean out a bunch of shed occupying bits ... AE71 sedan rear window louvre - no clips though 32 DIR weber downdraft on a 4A manifold (ie: with an adapter) still attached to the head (which prolly needs valve guides .. motor was a bit smokey) . was working a treat when I pulled the motor for replacing. . never got around to putting it on the new motor though. various weber bits - from memory: a 32/36 pretty much complete, another almost complete might be a K adapter plate in there Some other bits and pieces of indeterminate state :) Complete motor without head - if you want it. It needs rings at least. $100 the lot oh four wun zero 84 zero 722 if you're interested :) (bits are in Devon Park)
  4. hey there .... I'm looking for a left-hand rear door for an AE71 sedan with functional glass in Adelaide or surrounds. white would be awesome but colour doesn't reeaaaaaallllly matter :) I've busted the glass in mine and, quite frankly, it'd be easier to change the whole door than piss-fart around swapping glass over!! cheers, Slapper
  5. just the one that's running :) rotor button's okay .. I have a spare. let me know when and I'll organise a trailer - no urgency though .. whenever :)
  6. righto .. what's your timeframe on pulling the running one out of the car? not really interested in the one without the head - unless you're talking about moving them as a pair. cheers
  7. hmmm .. roughly how many k's on the motors? what sort of nick are they in? cheers
  8. pretty sure a single cam 1600 replacement (ie. the 4AC) is an inspection job (1600 twin-cam needs to be engineered) - at least, that was the case last time I looked which was probably 6 ish years ago. You'll need to book it in. It's a "roadworthy" inspection so the car will have to be in good shape. 3K/4K can go to 5K with just a phone call to advise the new motor. There's a bulletin specifically related to engine changes in Corollas - can't remember the number though. Not sure if bulletins are available online now .. they might be. cheers, Slapper
  9. still looking - haven't made it to the wreckers yet :(
  10. sorry EVO, not really worth shipping stockies from qld :) Luke, 185/70 14's? Too big for what I have in mind :( I'd have to put new tyres on them and put them on the AE71 and use the existing ae71 wheels on the trailer - a lot of buggerising around :( It's a bit of a shame but bere you go. thanks anyway chaps
  11. Gidday all ... looking for some cheap stockies in KE30 onwards stud pattern I'd do 12" but I don't think any toyota used 12" in 114.3 :) I only need 3, but 4 would be okay I don't need alloy - these are going on a trailer ... let me know if you have anything before I wander off to pick-a-part - I'd rather give a rollaclubanite my money than a wrecker! cheers, Slap
  12. check your fronts .... sometimes the AE71's had different front struts - and most (if not all) AE71 wagons have the different struts. These struts have springs that are interchangeable with AE86 struts - not KE70 The defining characteristic is the top loop in the spring. If it's the same size as the rest of the spring, it's KE70 equivalent, if it's smallwer than the rest of the spring, it's the AE86 equivalent. caveat: I've never actually swapped the springs in my AE71 - this is just information I gained along the way :) if you look in the King Springs catalogue, they list (at least they used to) two different part numbers for the front springs in an AE71 depending on year and/or sedan/wagon configuration.
  13. s'far as I know, the tunnels are the same and what you're seeing is the difference between manual and auto ... hey ho the angle grinder :)
  14. slapper


    As I'm not usually driving a Corolla these days I haven't been on for a looong while ... and spotted this post when I wandered past ... that's my daggy AE71 - handed down to number 1 son now that he has his P's. I sold the KE25 2 1/2 years back when I bought my L300 4WD van - 3 cars and a motorbike was being frowned upon by the leader of the opposition and it was actually just getting hard to find somewhere to park them all! The AE71 went under a tarp in the back yard for the kids to drive when they got their licence - it's not flash, but it's not going to break down straight away either! Had to legalify it before I handed it over though - cut springs and a weber made it fun to drive, but not a good idea for a L/P plater :) Blew the motor in the van over Christmas and, whilst waiting for parts, the rolla has been back on the road - roof rack and all. Unfortunately I have returned to Mawson Lakes and 180 Labs is no longer on my daily list ... so you're unlikely to see it out there again - I had noticed your 55 and wondered whether you were a member ... cheers, Slap
  15. look for air leaks - that's what caused dodgey idle like this on mine. cheers, Slap
  16. not necessarily true. To my knowledge, most AE86 have a smaller diameter top coil. The only KE70/AE71 with this front spring is the wagon. so - check before you buy :jamie: Slap
  17. Actually, I don't think you should ... the fuel system in a KE70 should be sealed, which means your cap shouldn't allow any breathing. You might need to explain how you've rigged your fuel system for your 4AGE conversion ... as I understand it, people often use that breather line for the fuel return from the regulator. However: bear in mind that I've never actually done a carb -> EFI conversion! cheers, Slapper
  18. to go on an AE82, but presumably anything would work! not interested in spending too much money ... just need something to get a mate's car running again. drop me a reply here or a PM. cheers, Slap
  19. I already have another bike - XR400M The postie is being sol pretty much to fund parts for the XR ... so that's all I'd really be interested in. I know I will be looking for: 21" front wheel - XR650 2000 on would work 18" back wheel - no idea what fits! bash plate - B&B do one acerbis XR400 tank - model 1601W that's all I can think of for now!any of these could be used as part payment ...... . . There ... I've also pulled my finger out and advertised it in the Trading Post :P cheers, Slap
  20. nope ;) it's been on here since June because I haven't bothered to advertise it anywhere else yet! Every now and again I think: "I really must do something about selling that" and then never get around to it! I really really really really really must pull my finger out and get rid of it ... maybe now I'll actuallydo it! cheers
  21. bump couldn't help Spooner - the postie couldn't quite match his Kawasaki for speed :P Even though I really should be selling this thing, I couldn't help but buy a performance enhancing sheepskin seatcover! So now, not only cuold you be the coolest kid on your block, but you'll be doing it in comfort. ay carumba!!
  22. I have the same problem - can't take the chopped ones out until I have something to replace 'em! If that changes, I'll chase you up later! cheers
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