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  1. I'm getting the 25 registered on tuesday so you can take the 70 for the week man.
  2. you gonna keep that colour? wouldnt look bad at all man..very original.
  3. Thats sucks Ryan, we need to find you a daily or get your ute some rego, this things too nice to cruise everyday man. I don't have to tell you but you know if you want any help ill be straight around. Couldnt really see the wheel too well but how did it hold up?
  4. Awesome project man, I'm sure when it gets to the stage that your pushing for youll find that youll be happy with the end result of the car, pretty lucky that your first car happens to be a 25 too.
  5. The crystal lights are awesome in the car, its amazing how much greater they reflect street signs and other things at a distance. (also really highlights the large and jagged rocks along the bends of belair road, or maybe it was because we were narrowly avoiding them at speed so closely in the dark that they seemed relevant at the time.....) Good times Ryan, good times.
  6. Ill be keeping my eye on this thread, Makes me wanna get into another project...
  7. Sounds like you've got big plans man, i don't think anyone would frown at the sight of an intercooled rolla...except the :fuzz:..... go to page one of this thread and you'll see some pics of it all. :y:
  8. I really don't know much about carby fed turbo setups at all, but i can tell you its a garret turbo, I'm sure i remember hearing someone say that its a suck through setup? Might have to ask the guru about that one. i.e TAZ-RX Glad you like the car man, and yeah id love to take you for a boot in it, one of my friends has a VE SS and after today I'm seriously wanting to line him up in the rolla.
  9. Couldnt agree more with ya mate, its just waaaaaayyy too loud to drive on the street at the moment and i could use the cash, but i wil regret it if i sell it...I took SLO-030 for a boot today (second time I'm ever driven it) and oh my f@$king god... just feeling it hit boost was enough to make me put an end to the thought of selling it. can't wait to take it on its first RC Cruise.
  10. Yeah i love it too much to sell it i think Ryan, sometimes i think it would be smarter to sell it while its still in good condition and not defected, but then of course ive gotta consider the fact that ive only EVER driven it twice in 3 years so i havnt really got my moneys worth out of rebuilding the engine or buying the car in the first place for that matter. Once the exhaust is on the car ill put some rego on it and finally get some enjoyment out of owning it. Good advice as usual mate. What a champion.
  11. Please don't touch the back end of the wagon... We should start trying to think of a way to whip up a black roof lining for the beast though, not an easy task... Anyway dude, i tried calling you today but got no answer, ill try again tomorrow, gotta come for a cruise. Cheers. (for those who don't know, i just got my licence back after being diqualified for 3 years...Keen to attend my first cruise in Rolla club)
  12. Getting my licence back in about 2 weeks and the ksev is now ready to go, since my last update, the car has been painted and converted to manual, installed Toyota Pasao front seats, console and steering wheel, also installed a push button start just for shits and giggles. Didnt want to go crazy with this one (since i still have the 25 for such occasions) but I'm happy to own it as a daily which is what i wanted from the begining so I'm stoked. Pics will be up soon. Want to say a big 'THANK YOU' to SLO-030 for being a rolla head and getting the vaccum leaks on my engine sorted for me. What a champion Ryan :y:
  13. Seen this thing in the flesh on the weekend and i gotta say its all that and more, very good job as always Luc.
  14. this me Doing a Burnout at the Burnout Competition at Speedway City on the weekend.
  15. Did soaking the orange lens in brake fluid work for you? Just wondering cause ive got the vt indicator's but i don't much like the oval shape as much as the original shape but I'm still wanting those suckers clear. Cheers.
  16. Did soaking the orange lens in brake fluid work for you? Just wondering cause ive got the vt indicator's but i don't much like the oval shape as much as the original shape but I'm still wanting those suckers clear. Cheers.
  17. When i started this thread i was trying to put them back in and i just found that i couldnt seperate the shutting mechanism from the threaded rod that goes to the exterior door handle so i had to bolt the handle to the door with the 2 10mm bolts which was easy. but then the only way i could get the thread to bite into the handle from the inside of the door was to turn the whole unit inside the door and then reconnect the three rods once i had bolted the mechanism back into the door. Oh well either way i got there and its done so thanks for all your help as usual guys.
  18. See thats just the thing, theres 4 arms that come away from the actual shutting mechanism And they go to, 1: Interior Door Lock 2: Interior Door Handle 3: Exterior Door Lock 4: Exterior Door Handle and yes youd think that you could simply pull the rod off and turn it which would be a peice of piss to do, but of the 4 rods you can only pull 3 of them away from the mechanism, and guess which one isnt removable...number 4: Exterior Door Handle! And the reason i had so much trouble with it was because in order to connect the rod to the exterior door handle you need to thread the rod into the handle and basicly turn the entire unit inside the door around 15 times to connect it and theres little to no room to do that which just made a small job painful. But thanks for the help as usual guys its now been done, i still think its a little odd that the only rod that you can't disconnect from the mechanism is the one that you would really need to disconnect to fit the exterior door handle...very unlike Toyota to be tricky to work on.
  19. thanks for replying but thats not whats stopping me from doing it, the handle connects to a threaded arm, and somehow ive got to wind the entire handle to the right height and theres just no room to do it anywhere. seriously seems like a bullshit way to have to do it but hey i might be doing it wrong too.
  20. have you ever had to take a front ke70 door handle out and try to put it back in? if so tell me how you did it cause i have no idea how they expect that to all work, ta.
  21. http://www.youtube.com/user/luvtohateabos#p/f/4/31MMw3Eazqw
  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paaoOshKpF0 The Ugliest Person on the planet...
  23. Thats one of the best vids ive seen on here. The flying suit.
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