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  1. car drove fine before the accident... drove around the yard after and was no signs of any damage....
  2. $100 will ship at buyers expense .... or p/u in adelaide
  3. Really???? screw it then ill keep it!!! lol looked mad on my car!!!
  4. Really didn't want to part with this but its just sitting there..... Ae71 front lip may fit other cars...... ok condition, small split at the front right coming inwards about 30mm I've just drilled holes and cable tired it. $100 p/u Adelaide Tim 0433243136
  5. ok ae71 4a cross member with brackets and engine mounts $150 ae71 hydraulic manual pedal box complete with hard lines, slave,master cylinder, hose etc $200 all finally ready for pick up ae71 steering rack $50 Adelaide sa marion/camden park 0433243136
  6. dam.... let me know how the rails go, i can send money through straight up.
  7. where are you located? what colour?
  8. whats the rack out of? will it fit ae71? I'm keen for the bride seat rail.... I'm from adelaide
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