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  1. damm thats cheap , i can't even find a decent one for 2000 :( give me a yell if you hear of any other! deffinatly keen for one.
  2. awesum work! very clean ,thumbs up mate
  3. Fair bit of money sitting right there, sr20s arnt the cheapest for parts thats for sure, nice build thread tho mate , enjoying the progress, brings back memorys , be interesting to see how well the engine goes once its all sorted
  4. think i want a ke70 wagon , any out there???

  5. think i want a ke70 wagon , any out there???

  6. tthink i want a ke70 wagon , any out there???

  7. on the hunt again! ke30 ke55 ke35 where are you hiding??

  9. MY CAR IS UP FOR SALE, ONLY GENUINE INQUIRES PLEASE, STRICTLY NO TIME WASTERS !!!! EMAIL ME THRU HERE OR EBAY WITH ANY QUESTIONS OR OFFERS http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/330779349045?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649#ht_7001wt_1396
  10. Thanks mate , you can buy it if you want save you doing all the work to your one!, yes that wasnt actualy a joke, due to a massive change in circumstances I'm going to have to sell my beast of a car, it realy is a beast!! been doing a bit of driving in it , and wow is all i can say , its fast! and handles like a machine , very firm on the road , but yes it will be going up for sale shortly, any one seriously interested may contact me and talk figures ,but i will do a for sale thread in the for sale section, as well as the car i have a bunch of random car items that will be going up for sale also, ill be listing every thing on ebay, and supply the links also, if you guys are a ebay user ,please add me to your favourites sellers and keep an eye on what ive got up for sale , id realy hope that my car goes to some one with a bit of respect for what ive managed to build , not blowing my own trumpet , but this is the best car ive ever built with out a doubt my best work,and it shows , i wont be asking for any insame amount either , but just so you guys know , been going thru reciets and lists of money spent , its well over 20,000 !!! it was deffinatly the smaller things that put the cost so high ,once they just start adding up .... any way i will keep you guys tuned with the sales of items and car ,and other stuff also ,i have alot going on at the moment , but i realy would like the car to end up with a rolla club member ,and treat her good , peace
  11. read my thread ton of info there, your welcom
  12. you need to find a gauge that works with the same ohm rating as the sender, sort of like pairing them together, i used a aftermarket gauge in my ke and used a aftermarket sender that matched the guage,hope that makes sence
  13. Ln106 hilux calipers are the ones you want or landcruiser of the same year will fit , i did the conversion myself se my thread full details in there some where
  14. yeah true , well personaly i like it ,spewing abit there illegal,cost me a fair bit of cash ,and even the guy at the shop didnt say anything about them being illegal,grrrr i guess il have to change it for engineering , don't know when that will be ill need to save more money to buy another one, so cars back on hold again! itl just have to sit and collect dust for a while.
  15. thats what i was thinking haha , but will break balls if i turn up there and he says change the muffler and come back :bash:
  16. dunno man jc said he wants a noise test and a emissions test, but i think he can do the emissions one , just gota find a muffler and get the noise one done, i think he just wants me to sort it all out then take the car to him and hes just going to do the brake test and tick everything off, well i hope it goes like that haha, still i gota get some cash together all this and that gona cost me, done some over time tonite ,and probably give working on the car a miss this weekend and do more over time ,hopefully start geting a few more bits and pieces.
  17. ill try that one! haha nice idea didnt even think about something like that,
  18. just have to stick another muffler in there i guess , just more time and more money , thats about the story of this build it just never ends, abit like this :hammer:
  19. 200 evan!!!! thats wayyy better! i need them reset ,lowered like 50 mm and probably an extra leaf added, but i been getting quotes 350 plus! :( have you got there number ?? that sounds like the go
  20. are they realy??? ʞ©$ɟ thats shit as ,i got one fitted now , didnt realise they wernt allowed :( more money to find
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