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I live my life a quarter pounder at a time. And for those 500 calories or more, I'm free.


I need FRIIIIIIESSSSSS! Two of them. The big ones. Oh, and I need them





What's the retail on one of those?? More than you can afford pal, 6-dollar burger!


You're lucky the double shot of bbq sauce didn't blow a seam on your nugget box!!!


Whoa! There she is, 2 pounds of pure MickeyD's beef. My dad ate it in 9.0 seconds flat. There was so much special sauce, the juices actually dripped onto his chin coming off the line. What's your time? I haven't tasted her. She scares the crap outta me.


My grill topped out at 140 degrees today. I need more charcoal, 2 bags, the big ones.


So what're you eatin?! Oh you gonna make me look under the bun and find



It's not how you stand by your burger, it's how you EAT your burger.


Bull shi* ***hole! no one likes the McTuna sandwich around here!


You almost had me? You never had me. You never had your burger. You're

granny-biting, not double-chomping like you should!!!


Now me and Ronald McDonald here are gonna have to rip open the counter, and replace the ONION RINGS YOU FRIED.


You know you owe me a 10 pack of nuggets. Ooh. Ouch!


Don't do it! I'll bet he's got at least a triple cheeseburger under that bun!


Torretto's got ketchup in his veins and an all beef patty for a brain.


They opened my bag. Disrespected my fries. All because someone narked me out! AND YOU KNOW WHAT!! IT WAS RONALD!!!


I thought we had an understanding? You stay on your side of the play-place, I stay on mine.


Bryan - "Welcome to Mcdonald's, may I take your order?" Hector - "Yeah, I made a list. I want 3 of everything."


All the descriptions were the same. 3 black Angus beef patties,

precision-placed pickles, Mushimoto mayonaisse.


I bet a couple of 1/2 pound patties would pull a premium three days before Taste Wars wouldn't they?


Check it out, it's like this. If I lose, winner takes my happy meal. But If I win, I take the burger AND the TOY. To some people that's more important.


We got a nugget pack. It's Ronald McDonald, and he's comin your way reaaally fast!


What do ya think Lance, ketchup, bbq sauce? Ooo, bbq sauce sounds nice!


I buy my own chicken nuggets, every step of the way! I just want an apple pie on the side, like you.


Where is the hamburgular? You are the only one in the playground with me right now!


You want fries go to Wendys, if you want an adrenaline rush go to Mickey D's!


It'll be two cheeseburgers. Right here, right now.


Are you sure Ronald isn't blurring your vision? I don't blame ya pal, I'd be getting off on his quarter pounders too!


You can have any dessert you want, as long as it's a McFlurry.


I got that...that... extra value meal? Yeah, that shiiiiit.


Whoa man, you should be ordering off the value menu or something!


Yeah, and after you clean that grill, you can put on an apron and go cook my fries...


Look for golden arches on the side of the truck, and DON'T forget my share of the cheeseburger!


And what did you say to Ronald? I told him a good burger is hard to find.


Talk to me Jessie, this burger ain't workin.... you got a nasty hole in your bun

..that's why you're unloading in the bathroom!


My value meal topped out at 1200 calories.. I need dessert.


When Ronald eats he's golden, kids come in and want to eat everything he gets, and they pay cash!


Remember that place you wanted to take me? With the chicken selects and the... McDonald's? Yeah, that's it... You can take me there!


We used to eat here back in high school. It's exactly one dollar for anything on that menu. On Tuesday, I'm going.


She ain't here for burgers, shes tryin to get into Ronald's pants dog!

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Thats funny just a few things.


Onion Rings are Hungry Jacks and Maccas Don't Usually Lable there trucks anymore. Could be cause groups of overweight kids in their hotted up cars wanted to steal the frozen meat patties.

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